Welcome to Soul Kindling. I’m grateful you are here. My name is Ally. I’m an artist. A Practitioner of Creative Formation. And, an ordinary person on a quest to find sacred meaning in the rhythms of dawn to dusk.

You and I are bearers of story. Each of us has a personal narrative that informs the way we live. Our experiences (positive and challenging) form and shape us as we grow. At times, the limiting stories we carry lead our way. We may become boxed in, unable to see another way forward. This is where sacred goggles come in handy. When we activate divine vision with a bit of imagination, we find sacred glitter on our path which guides us toward healing and wholeness.

“Your guidance during this and other classes I have taken from you this year have been a blessing in my life. They have guided me through an awakening of my true self. Your words, poems, writings, thoughts are priceless to those who choose to journey with you in your classes. You light a spark within those who take your classes and take us on a journey of self discovery, spiritual awakening and authenticity. Thank you for the joy of journeying with you!”

Charlene, soul friend and participant with Soul Kindling

I guide people with accessible creative practice to engage their personal narrative — a way that invites wonder, healing and prayer with creative process. The path I travel isn’t linear and doesn’t give 1-2-3 steps. Instead, together, we listen for the mystery — the in-between spaces where black and white collide. We activate imagination! Come with me to explore and reflect upon your personal story with love and tenderness through a soulful adventure with paint, word and inquiry. With a bit of spiritual contemplative practice, a tad of poetic ritual and a smidge of colorful imagination, I delight to come alongside people in their sacred story to birth a vision of authenticity, intention and passion for their precious walk on earth. When we honor where we are, we make conscious choices for our steps forward.

Wooing personal marks, lines and image on paper or canvas brings epiphanies! Writing reflective words confirms what is SEEN. In my experience, as I’ve learned to SEE what I hold within and WRITE about the vision, a fresh story of love has emerged for the steps I walk. Through the Intentional Creativity® process, I have found healing and hope and am grateful to guide others. There’s no art experience necessary to work with me, simply a willingness to show up and BE present. The tools in my creative basket include pens, paper, poetry, prayer, spiritual practice, inquiry, paint, canvas and, of course, imagination!

You’ll find I have a deep love for the walk of Christ and a profound respect for the Sacred Feminine woven from the very beginning in the book of Genesis. I welcome all traditions to the table as I guide people toward healing and fresh vision for their lives. No painting experience is necessary to take part.

If you’re a dreamer or a poet — welcome. If you’re a seeker or a mystic — welcome. If you’re a wild rebel or a joy seeker — welcome. If you need a hug — welcome. Look around, see if what I offer resonates with your needs. Please reach out with any questions at ally@soulkindling.com. It would be my pleasure to connect with you and dream alongside you for a future Soul Kindling workshop or Red Thread Circle.

Peace & Blessings,

Trained by the artist, Shiloh Sophia, I’m certified as an Intentional Creativity® teacher with Musea, a Matriarchal Creative Lineage. I’m also certified in Spiritual Formation (Christian tradition) from Columbia Theological Seminary (GA) who loves to bring spiritual practices learned into the gatherings I lead, and a trained artist (BFA in Graphic Design from Alfred University). Read more about my story HERE.