Welcome! I’m grateful you found your way to Soul Kindling. My name is Ally. I’m on a quest to kindle your intuitive power so you may re-member yourself as SACRED and CREATIVE to experience a deep love of self and a confidence in your daily path. I offer soulful art workshops where life is explored as a sacred story through contemplative practice (painting as prayer, inquiry and reflection).

Are you ready to:
• Claim your sacred identity (“I am SACRED.”)
• Practice your creative prowess (“I am CREATIVE.”)
• Honor your innate wisdom (“My INTUITION is a guide.”)
• Ignite fresh vision for your life (“My ideas are WORTHY to be explored.”)

My passion is to encourage and inspire you to live authentically as YOU in the various aspects of your lifethrough voice, creative practice and lit presence.

Another passion I have is facilitating Red Thread Circles. Red Thread Circles are a way to bring people together in community, to hear from all voices, to claim sacred responsibility and celebrate differences. The red thread is a symbol of hope, ancestry, prosperity, connection, love, peace and more! If you’re intrigued, more information is over here.

I work with courageous women who are willing to dive into their soulful story and explore their innate power of goodness. I also work with communities (of men and women) who are open to creative exploration of faith. The gatherings and groups I hold uplift the feminine qualities of belonging, ritual, celebration and individual voice as imperative elements of the whole.

You’ll find I have a deep love for the walk of Christ and a profound respect for the Sacred Feminine woven from the very beginning in the book of Genesis. I welcome all traditions to the table as I guide people toward healing and fresh vision for their lives. No painting experience is necessary to take part.

If you’re a dreamer or a poet — welcome. If you’re a seeker or a mystic — welcome. If you’re a wild rebel or a joy seeker — welcome. If you need a hug — welcome. Look around, see if what I offer resonates with your needs. Please reach out with any questions at ally@soulkindling.com. It would be my pleasure to connect with you and dream alongside you for a future Soul Kindling workshop or Red Thread Circle.

Peace & Blessings,

Trained by the artist, Shiloh Sophia, I’m certified as an Intentional Creativity® teacher with the Intentional Creativity Foundation. I’m also certified in Spiritual Formation (Christian tradition) from Columbia Theological Seminary (GA) and love to bring spiritual practices learned into the gatherings I lead.