Current Events

We are living in complicated and stressful times. What needs to be healed seems more palpable than ever. It feels like the call to release what no longer serves has never been louder and we are feeling that tug at our core. While I have been gaining more clarity everyday on this, I was invited to be part of an event, more like a movement,  to help others find freedom from what has been holding them back. It’s an online education series called Freedom From Trauma – Powerful & Profound Practices To Heal Trauma & Consciously Create The Body, Mind, Spirit You Truly Desire. This series is packed with speakers from all over the world sharing their life experiences, hard earned lessons, wisdom and insights. I feel honored that I got to be part of this series and hope you will join us. For more information, click below to register!

Join me for a casual evening where we meet in Red Thread Circle to move
through a short, creative practice and share around our gleanings of the
book The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd.

Thursday, October 8th
7pm (Eastern)
Free Event

Stretch your edges.
Let the dry sensation of
your parched lips crack open
to drink in goodness
to witness one another
to find your unique tone

Your soul longs to sing her tune
with courageous heart.

If you’re a woman who is looking to discern the power of her voice, come. If you’ve struggled to put into words what your heart holds, come. If you’re looking to unleash your dry, parched lips and baptize them with the blessing of water and love, come. If you’ve been told “not to ruffle feathers” yet have a yearning to speak your truth, come.