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My Cup Overflows:
Discovering Light Amid the Cracks

Contact me to accommodate your group of 3 – 6 people

November is often lifted as a time of gratitude in the U.S. because of our celebration of Thanksgiving. Sometimes, it’s difficult to experience gratitude because our eyes focus on what is missing, or what is “imperfect”. In the Japanese tradition, wabi-sabi is a worldview of finding beauty amid the imperfection and depth within things of the earth. Japanese artisans employ this in the art form of kintsukuroi, which means “to repair with gold”. When a ceramic bowl or pot breaks, instead of throwing it away, artisans would emphasize the crack by repairing it with gold resin. In this Red Thread Session, we’ll give ourselves time and space to slow down and work with the imperfections of our life to see where light shines through the cracks. With intention and care, we’ll mine our story to create a painting of a cracked chalice, mend the cracks with gold, and overflow our chalice with light. Our journal, paint and a Red Thread Circle will be companions to guide us on this 3-hour journey to see the gifts amid the shadows. No painting experience necessary, only a willing heart!

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Red Thread Hike:
A Soul-Full Connection with Friend & Nature

November 22nd at 8 am; meet at the Village Arboretum in PH by the Picnic Shelter

November’s Theme: Personal Needs & Bountiful You

Come and connect in a FREE Red Thread Circle, then walk the Greenway Trail in Pinehurst. A Red Thread Circle gathers us together to explore our belonging, share our story, speak our voice, connect our common thread, claim our sacred responsibility and celebrate one another. If you’ve never experienced the Red Thread Circle before, this will be a fun way to be introduced into it! Would love to BE with you!

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