Current Events

Stretch your edges.
Let the dry sensation of
your parched lips crack open
to drink in goodness
to witness one another
to find your unique tone

Your soul longs to sing her tune
with courageous heart.

If you’re a woman who is looking to discern the power of her voice, come. If you’ve struggled to put into words what your heart holds, come. If you’re looking to unleash your dry, parched lips and baptize them with the blessing of water and love, come. If you’ve been told “not to ruffle feathers” yet have a yearning to speak your truth, come.


The Theater of God’s Grace

In June, Ally joined Dr. Tim Verhey and Dr. Tanner Capps of St. Andrews University for a discussion on freedom and calling and how we can creatively respond to our role within God’s created world for Brownson Presbyterian Church in Southern Pines. Ally speaks about her life as artist as well as to the process of Intentional Creativity as a portal to prayer and encountering the Spirit within.All three sessions can be viewed by clicking here.