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I’ve long loved the Magi in Scripture. Their depth of nature delights as they reveal a stirring inquiry that begins their quest. Their daring bravery sizzles as they follow stars in search of a sacred diamond. Their generous nature softens as they carry precious gifts on their travel. As they heed a dream given with bold courage; they find liberation.

Join me for a 3-hour Magi(cal) evening journey as we delve into the story of the Magi on canvas to see what this story reveals for our lives. We’ll paint a simple shaped body Magi(cal) image, write personal reflections and connect in red thread. We’ll play with questions such as:

What curiosity do I carry?

Where do the canopy of stars desire to guide me?

What dreams do I hold?

This painting experience is for ladies. Our time will be set in a fun and casual way on a Friday evening to “sense” the MAGIC in the air. It’ll be a bit different than other classes where we paint the face of a Muse – instead, we’ll play with the shape of the body by keeping it abstract, focusing on the outer form.

Please reach out with any questions.
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Give Us This Day is a 5-week online experience that invites you to create a Mini (Prayer) Book of Hours to awaken to the sacred in your day. In the comfort of your home, on your time schedule, with few materials (permanent marker, pencil and the color medium of your choice), I will guide you to create a prayer book that brings pause and meaning to your day, noticing glimpses of the Divine in the present moment.

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