Past Offerings

Cultivator: Transforming Ashes to New Life

Our life is a continuous cycle. We are moving, changing beings who experience goodness and heartache on a regular basis. We are on the mountaintop one moment and are thrust into the valley the next. It’s common for the light of the flame and the demise of the ash to overlap. Too often, we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to allow the flame to warm us when difficult circumstances unfold. At other times, we ignore the ash to remain zeroed in on the joyful flame.

Have you ever wondered:
• What do I do while I wait for change?
• Is there an action I can take on behalf of the ashes of my life?
• How do I tend the heartache and rejoice in the goodness?
• Can I give myself permission to retain joy amid difficult circumstances?
• Is there a way to honor both the inner flame and the ash of affliction?
• Can I choose to cultivate my needs and celebrate the choices I make?

Life Womb:
Mothering Retreat

Join us this February for Inner Ground’s annual Mothering Retreat at Pelican House on the beautiful grounds of Trinity Center. The image of Life-Womb will guide our time together during this contemplative retreat. Through storytelling, contemplative practices, silence and painting, we will listen to our mothering journeys of bearing, holding, and birthing; celebrating the ways that we create womb-space for what is ours to birth in the world.

Making room for new life to flourish often brings growth pains. By tending to our personal Life-Womb with paint, inquiry and quiet intention, we open ourselves to hear the still, small voice. As part of our time together, you will be guided to create a visual expression of symbol and beauty which honors the ebb and flow of what is uniquely yours to bring to fruition. No painting experience required, only a willing spirit!

Body Embrace: Loving the Skin You’re In

A Woman’s 13-Step
Intentional Creativity Workshop

Our body is a beautiful vessel which allows us to work, play, exercise and experience intimacy. Yet, too often, we give power to the voice within us that sends critical messages of our exterior inadequacy, our aging, our illness. In this 13-step Intentional Creativity workshop, we’ll begin in a red thread circle* to create a container of sharing and listening, write with journal inquiries to bring to light the body beliefs that hold us back then move to the canvas to create a painting of our body beautiful. No painting experience necessary, just a willing heart!

Mother Lover: An Encounter with the Blessed Mother

Mother Mary has long been a mother lover. What does she have to reveal to us during this season of Advent? Through journal prompts, paint and a Red Thread Circle*, we’ll encounter the inner Mary wisdom we hold within. We’ll touch on making room for the unknown, being strong in the face of adversity and birthing a gift to the world. This Christmas season, come paint with me to reveal your Mother Lover. We’ll work through the 13-step Color of Woman Intentional Creativity© process to bring to canvas your Mother Lover. No painting experience required, just a willing heart!

*A Red Thread Circle honors the ancient way of gathering in circle to share story, wisdom and experience from each voice. A red thread is passed as a symbol of connection and sacred responsibility to the whole.