What to Expect at an IC Workshop

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What happens at an Intentional Creativity gathering? Check this short, two-minute video out!

In day to day life, we have many opinions, thoughts, advice and news coming at us. These shape and form our belief system about ourselves, others and the world we live in. If we don’t take time to slow down, we allow old stories that aren’t serving us well to be running our life. The workshops I offer help you connect with your personal story and interior soul space, bring to light that which is within and work with your discovery. By tending to your story with paint, symbols and markings, you make way for your well of wisdom to arise.

One does not need to know “how to paint” when they come to an Intentional Creativity workshop (basic instruction will be given). When you come to paint with me, each layer has an opportunity for personal revelation. The canvas becomes the doorway to take you deeper into your soul space. By asking questions and tending to the canvas, answers from within surface. By intentionally adding love to the process, together, we lean into creating a new way to walk forward in the world. Each color, symbol and mark has the possibility to open one to the beauty and bounty that is within and surrounding. A new story of peace and hope unfurls.

The offerings I guide you through are based on my passions and experiences I’ve lived from my personal story, which most likely, are things you’ve experienced too. With paint and inquiry, I help people honor ritual and intention in ordinary days, spark lost creativity and follow curiosity and intuition to reignite passion for life. Healing the divide within ourselves and our relationships, seeking after the flow of Divine Love and reviving the lost sacred feminine fuels the workshops I create.

“With Ally as a guide the paint brush just starts to speak and the canvas takes on an expressive voice. It is amazing to experience this painting journey of self discovery. Already looking forward to Ally’s next workshop — I wouldn’t miss it!!!” – Participant of Mother Lover Workshop

Please download this file to check out the type of workshops I offer. If you are interested in beginning a conversation about bringing me to your space, please reach out for any needs, questions and pricing info.