Virtual Community Prayer Mosaic

Together, our prayers are covering the world in a rainbow of healing and love! This is the completed Community Mosaic comprise of 330 Prayer Squares. This was an ongoing, shifting, evolving prayer mosaic woven with the creative Prayer Squares of community far and wide from April 20 – May 15, 2020 during a historic time of the COVID pandemic.

Read more about the Practice and purchase the Individual or Leader’s Guide HERE

If you’ve participated in Prayer Squares, please comment below with your first name, location and a story about it (who you’ve shared the practice with, an aha moment, etc!)


  1. I am participating from North Carolina, and have really enjoyed it so far! The process for me in kindling my soul through creative prayer, as well as seeing others’ soul in action, has been transformative in this remarkable time.

    1. Ally Markotich

      Oh good! So grateful for your participation Suzanne.

  2. Paulissa Kipp

    Hi! I’m Paulissa from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. I have shared this process with my friends during this time of isolation as we seek grounding. I’ve also shared the link to prayer squares on my IG, FB, in my FB art groups, etc. My aha! is that by taking pencil to the page, my heart always tells me where I am and what I need. My shapes are pretty organic in an abstract way and that tells me that my soul place is in nature.

    1. Ally Markotich

      So happy to have your presence with us Paulissa! Thank you for sharing with your friends. I love that you are receiving ahas as you create… it’s amazing when we slow down, we hear from our innate wisdom. Blessings!

  3. Virginia

    Hi Ally, my sister and I are joining you from Michigan. I just love how beautiful all these prayers are when they are side by side!! Thanks for sharing this with us!

    1. Ally Markotich

      Yay! I’m grateful you and your sister are part of the mosaic. Thank you for joining in!! 💗

  4. Terry Hardison

    I’m Terry from Southern Pines. I am participating in the prayer squares activities. I posted my first 4 to your fb page and passed the link on to my student, Rebecca.

    1. Ally Markotich

      Awesome that you are joining the mosaic Terry! Thank you for inviting Rebecca!

  5. Amy Loblaw

    I’m Amy from the Finger Lakes region in New York. My daughter, Lucie, and I are participating together! We are really enjoying carving out this time to be creative and mindful together. Thank you, Ally, for facilitating this beautiful project!

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