Unexpected Communion (Nov-Dec Zoom Painting Course)

An angel
A maiden
some Spirit
A child

A message
A question
A shadow

Held in the womb,
glittery light

Carried to term,
birthed in the night

This communion is ours,
sacred tale spun

Unwrap the magic
of three-in-one

UNWRAP the Gift of Awe through Relationship with Spirit, Mother, Child

A 5-Week Zoom Painting Course Begins in November

Meets Tuesdays at 11am (Eastern):

November 9th • November 16th • November 30th
December 7th • December 14th

Weeks will be recorded and sent within 24 hours if you miss a gathering.

Each year, Christians around the world read the birth narrative of Christ.
And, after a while — it can become, rather — EXPECTED.

Is there anything UNEXPECTED in this story that is relevant for you and I?

I believe there is. My bones of experience have shown me over and over again
that sacred text contains invisible gems awaiting our discovery.

Together, we will write, paint and imagine our way as we
explore the moment angel Gabriel comes to Mary to give her “good news”
of the child she carries within.

As we hang out with the themes of curiosity, communion and awe, we just may:


Enlighten our PERSPECTIVE of Spirit, Mother and Child

Connect to the THREE-IN-ONE POWER we hold within

Discern our ability to unwrap AWE even in difficult circumstances

Create a VISUAL of COMMUNION that we can gaze and ponder over and over again

Together, we will paint! We will vision! We will write! We will share! Our image of Unexpected Communion will slowly come to form over five weeks; there is time in-between gatherings to process and journal. Our gatherings will be recorded, so if you can’t make one, you’ll have access to the material within 24 hours.


WEEK ONE: November 9th

Unexpected Messengers & Cosmic Rustlings

Setting the Scene: Communion of Three
Explorations of Relationship with our inner Spirit, Mother & Child

WEEK TWO: November 16th

Mother of Curiosity & Winds of Change

Setting Forth: Responsive Curiosity
We’ll BE with Mary as the mother who welcomes with responsive questions and dwell with how reading in-between the lines can guide our sacred quest.

• Notice there is a two week break between weeks two and three to pause for the US holiday Thanksgiving •

WEEK THREE: November 30th

Spirit Awe & Sparks of Fire

“BE”ing at the Table: Saying “Yes” to Communion
Invisible Spirit is a creator of magic within us. Spirit weaves a creative seed within when we say “Yes!”

WEEK FOUR: December 7th

Child’s Play & Water of Delight

Growing Our Playful, Creative Seeds
This week, let us discover the gift of light that emerges from darkness and nurture delightful seeds.

WEEK FIVE: December 14th

Celebration of AWE & Earthen Roots

Sharing Our Awe
Final touches and a gathering to celebrate and share about our painting


Five Zoom painting circles set up with a supportive, confidential framework
(Classes will be recorded and shared only with those who sign up)

Intentional Creativity® painting process to create your Unexpected Communion painting of your Mother Muse. This is a layer by layer process that is accessible to anyone willing to try.

Supportive emails each week with suggestions to further engage your process.

Teachings on: Unexpected Messengers, Mother of Curiosity, Spirit of Awe as Communion and Growing Playfulness

Reflective inquiries to deepen your process through writing

Continued availability to reach out to Ally for support


There is no perfection here, only the woo of arrival. Allow yourself to be romanced to an invitation of showing up. Here, curiosity speaks.

Come along if you are an everyday ponderer, one who dreams to speak and birth the way of Love.

Join me if you are willing to splash some color on your canvas to explore the communion that lives within us.

Draw near if you desire to DELIGHT with the magic of the creative seeds that belong to YOU and celebrate AWE.

I’d love to BE in your presence.


This course invites an investment of artistic materials to support your process.
These art materials are ACTUALLY magical, CREATIVE tools that have the possibility to spark fresh INSIGHT. INSIGHT that may even lead to HEALING and WOW

It may seem CRAZY to run out and buy painting supplies if you don’t consider yourself a “painter.”
Can you lean in and LISTEN to the TUG of your HEART?
Is SHE calling to you, saying “YES, THIS!”
What would it feel like in your body to give yourself over to YOU?!
to say “YES” to your SOULFUL LONGING?

Unexpected Communion is a soulful painting class to come to the feast table with Spirit, Mother & Child. In this course, unexpected messengers point the way to surprise, communion and awe.

There will be teachings on: Mother as one who welcomes; Spirit as one who infuses the seed of creation and Child who reveals play and awe.

Luke 1:28-35 will be the sacred text we use to ponder unexpected communion for our lives and our response to holy surprise.

Unexpected Communion is five weeks beginning Tuesday, November 9th. It includes four Zoom painting sessions for connection and a final week of Zoom (final touches &) celebration during the season of Advent. This experience includes journaling, sketching, painting, writing and visioning.

No painting experience is necessary to be part of our time.

If this theme grabs you, buy now at the lowest price it will be offered!

A “SOUL KIND” investment is an investment in your well-being. It’s a commitment to showing up for YOU. It means that you are ready to explore some soul work via the canvas and create! When you choose to be “SOUL KIND” to YOURSELF, you are also being “SOUL KIND” to me — you are giving me the opportunity to continue my creative entrepreneurship and deepen my offerings! I shout to the rooftops every time I receive a registration and am VERY GRATEFUL for those who choose to journey with me. If you are active in being “SOUL KIND” to yourself in another way, yet would like to support my ministry and GIFT this experience to someone else whose funds are tight, I can DO that! Just write “SOUL KIND GIFT” in the Notes when you purchase!

Stirred by the Mother

I’ve been on quite a journey the last few years. One of the ways I’ve been growing is through my study and relationship with the Sacred Mother who goes by many names — Eve, Wisdom, Ruah, Mary, Guadalupe (and on and on) — Her disappearance in mainstream Christianity ails me and this course is designed with the intent to consider our relationship with the inner communion that each of us hold with Spirit, Mother and Child.

One of the things I’ve learned from my teacher, Shiloh Sophia, is how much Mother & Child art was deleted, thrown away, gotten rid of by patriarchal “powers that be.” Formerly powerful art of Mary & Child was replaced with a Mary who is all in blue, looking pious and perfect. These images of Mary have always bothered me. I couldn’t relate. Even as recent as early 20th century, the Vatican forbade images of Mary depicted in any priestly vestments despite the fact that throughout Scripture, she is a leader. The power Mary holds was confirmed even more for me when I discovered a book that shares many images of Mother Mary in a stature of leadership and teaching.

This advent season, I desire to delve into the story of the Communion of Three – Mother, Spirit and Child to uncover that the unexpected is often a teacher of AWE when we welcome it.

My style of teaching is playful and gentle; direct and deep. My Spirit soars when I have the opportunity to guide women to discover of the power and WISDOM they hold within. Come along! I’d love to have you part of this experience! My name is Ally Markotich and I am your guide for this journey!

This is a painting class that invites inner reflection and personal soul work. I ask that women arrive from their own sacred space. If you need a scholarship, please reach out. Full refund for cancellation up to 24 hours in advance or if unsatisfied for any reason. Partial refund (1/2 of initial payment) if cancellation within 24 hours of the first session. Scholarships available if needed. Reach out and ask! The sessions will be recorded if you need to miss a Zoom call. If you have any questions, email me at ally@soulkindling.com.