THREAD: Weave Your Story with the Sacred Feminine (Altar Card Course)




Are you ready for a boost of vibrant connection in your life?

You’re invited to come along with me for an invigorating encounter
with the feminine energies in the Jesus tradition.

Along the way, we’ll meet up with
Wisdom, Eve, Rahab, Sophia, Mary and Magdalene.
Each week, we’ll hone in on one of these women
and look at her story with fresh eyes.

You may wonder,
“What do these ancient women have to do with me?
How is her story relevant for me in 2022?”

This is where placing our sacred goggles on comes in handy.
With soul-lit eyes, we’ll look for clues in and around her story:

What questions did she ask?
What symbols accompanied her journey?
What choice did she make?
How was she connected with her innate knowing?

These women were brave and potent.
They were clever and brilliant.
They took risks and dared to birth life into a harsh world.

I expect surprise, ahas and release along the way
as old, negative stories shift into tales of resilience.


We’ll weave our story with each feminine energy through the creation of one altar card each week. With the practice of Lectio Divina,* journaling, visualization — we’ll enter into conversation and soulful reflection with our inner Spirit. With guided drawing, we’ll add the energetic imprint of the feminine onto our card with line, symbol and simple form. On the back, we’ll write a prayer of reception. No art experience is necessary to attend. This is a soulful exploration of relationship with the feminine found in the Jesus tradition. Perfection is invited to sit in the back seat and daydream out the window while we engage with soul work. Materials needed are: red, black, white and gold acrylic paint; a pencil, a thin black permanent marker and one sheet of watercolor paper (size 22″x28″); size of altar cards are roughly 4″ x 9.”

We are using four colors of intention in this course:

Red as a symbol of origin, bloodline, red thread, lineage
Black as a symbol to honor the mystery and reframe our perspective of this color
White as a symbol of to honor the light; purification
Gold as a symbol of Divine Love and Illumination

*Lectio Divina is a contemplative style of engaging sacred text for formation rather than “information.” The text is read aloud several times allowing the listener to glean words of relevancy for their personal experience of life.


Oh gentle human,
I call to you!

Oh holy rebel,
I call to you!

Oh adventurer of hidden treasures,
I call to you!

Oh courageous spirit,
I call to you!

Oh you who needs to be healed
of ancient stories that have harmed women, I call to you!

Come, discover a SPHERE of relationship, where observations are seen from many angles and our perspective is widened with love.


First, an altar can be a small table, shelf or cozy nook in your space where items are placed that connect you with Divine Love. As seasons shift, so do altars. Elements of nature, spices, oils, Small statues, candles and cards of love are some of the varying items found on altars.

My explanation for an altar card is simply a card that has a visual of energetic love on one side and a written prayer on the other. Depending on what prayers are needed for a person’s life, they may choose a specific card (of the six we’ll create) to place on their altar as a reminder to connect in with Divine Love about this prayer.

In my sample to the left, this card is in honor of Tamar and the gift of prayer I received from her was about “cleverness.” When I seek ways to be saavy in my days, I add her to my altar.


WEEK ONE: February 8th

Taking Our Stand with Wisdom

This week, we’ll encounter Wisdom who stands at the crossroads with an imperative message for us

WEEK TWO: February 15th

Becoming the Mystery with Sophia

This week, we’ll meet Sophia who
shows us how to release ourselves from being “boxed in”

WEEK THREE: February 22nd

Awakening Desire with Eve

This week, we’ll visit with Eve
and discover the goodness of desire

WEEK FOUR: March 1st

Growing Creative Sparks with Mary

This week, we’ll ponder with Mary
who will guide us in tending our colorful ideas

WEEK FIVE: March 8th

A Thread of Courage with Rahab

This week, we’ll look to Rahab to glean
from her hardship and bravery

WEEK SIX: March 15th

Voice of Knowing with Magdalene

This week, we’ll be inspired by Magdalene
to share our message of love


Six Zoom painting circles set up with a supportive, confidential framework
(Classes will be recorded and shared only with those who sign up)

Teachings on: Wisdom, Sophia, Eve, Mary, Rahab, Magdalene

Reflective inquiries to deepen your process through writing

Each Week, a Visualization of Love and/or Lectio Divina
with the spirit of each “theme” in Heart

Guided drawing with simple technique to create one altar card per week

Follow Up Emails each week and a private page for our course

Continued availability to reach out to Ally for support


Black Permanent Marker, such as this
Acrylic Paint in These Colors:
Gold ( I recommend Golden Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine)
One Sheet of 22” x 30” Watercolor Paper:
I recommend WC paper rather than mixed media paper because it’s a sturdier weight
Hair Dryer

A Note About Materials:
If you would like to engage this process with other colors
or with another medium (markers, colored pencils, etc)
I welcome you to do so.

Thread: Weave Your Story with the Sacred Feminine is a soulful course to create six altar cards that include a visual on the front and a prayer on the back. In this course, we’ll reconsider the stories we’ve been told and invite fresh revelation of feminine energy found in sacred text of the Old & New Testaments.

We’ll glean from Wisdom, Sophia, Eve, Mary, Rahab and Magdalene to discover the holy, creative threads they’ve left for our own stories.
Each week, we’ll ruminate with one portion of sacred text from each woman and invite it to lead us in the creation of our altar card.

THREAD is six weeks beginning Tuesday, February 8th at 11am Eastern and runs through March 15th. Each session is 90 minutes and will be recorded. This experience includes journaling, sketching, painting, writing, visioning and connection.

This class is open to all people who resonate with the theme. No painting experience is necessary to be part of our time.

Sacred Unravelings

There was a time when I couldn’t conceive of the Divine being anything other than “He.” “Our Father” is who I had been taught to pray to and that was that. As my path wound with spiritual teachings, my questions were insatiable. I wanted to KNOW. I was on a SEARCH. I read. I studied. I memorized. And… Just when I felt I KNEW about God, the rug began to slip under my feet. Cracks began to form. Everything I “knew” unraveled with the grace and elegance of a thread being pulled from a tapestry.

The Sacred Feminine called to me in a way that is hard to describe. What I discovered is a story of her strength, compassion and presence since the beginning of time. As I learned more, I became sad and angry with my tradition. “Why isn’t her real story being told?” I cried. The distortion of her story in mainstream Christianity ails me. This course is designed with the intent to weave our stories with a lineage of powerful sacred feminine energy that can guide us to live with creativity, courage and love at the helm.

My style of teaching is playful and gentle; direct and deep. My Spirit soars when I have the opportunity to guide people to discover the power and WISDOM they hold within. Come along! I’d love to have you part of this experience. My name is Ally Markotich and I am your guide for this journey.

Ally’s Policy: This is a class that invites inner reflection and personal soul work via journaling and simple drawing. I ask that women arrive from their own sacred space. If you need a scholarship, please reach out. Full refund for cancellation up to 24 hours in advance or if unsatisfied for any reason. Partial refund (1/2 of initial payment) if cancellation within 24 hours of the first session. Scholarships available if needed. Reach out and ask! The sessions will be recorded if you need to miss a Zoom call. If you have any questions, email me at