Have You Ever?

Have you ever felt boxed in like you needed to break out? Have you ever had a big dream, but didn’t know how to get there so you wrote it, sang it, spoke it to the universe? Have you ever started something from nothing? Have you ever look at your hands in awe for what they create? Have you ever wondered where your ideas come from? Have you ever had sight for the invisible? Have you ever had a door open that you didn’t understand but you walked through anyways? Have you ever disappointed others by following your soul song?…

The Gift is Here!

The gift is here! The gift of new life! Christ birthed into the world! Merry, merry! Let us celebrate! Let us rejoice! Let us receive this God gift open-handed, wide-eyed, mouth agape, joyful awe at the wonder of Jesus among us! Let this gift of Christ seep into our bones, changing our way of being and seeing. Let us become flame keepers soul kindlers light bearers seed throwers wonder seekers continuously birthing Christ’s hope, peace, joy and love into the world. Let us become the gift! Merry Christmas to all! Amen.

Advent Pilgrimage

It’s hard to believe, but next Sunday begins Advent. Advent is a journey. A season inviting us to prepare. A season asking us to engage and dance with it. We wait with the hope of new birth in the world. This year, I have teamed up with my friend, Monica Hix, creator of Inner Ground, and Jacinta White, poet/writer, to provide a free, online Advent Retreat. Each week, art (Ally Markotich), poetry (Jacinta White) and meditation (Monica Hix) along with guidelines for using Visio Divina and journaling prompts as an invitation to deeper reflection will be offered. The themes each week…

To the Wonder Seekers

Hello, wonder seeker, light keeper, day dreamer! You are here. And, so am I. Funny how we keep meeting. In this place. In that place. Wherever you are, the quest carries on. Surprise! I’m here again! It’s as if I follow you. Or, are you trailing me? Either way, we connect again. I arrive in buttered crumbs on crumpled napkins. I glisten in the forgotten cracks of sidewalks. I honk playful in rubber squeaky toy fashion. Of course, you already know this. You ARE a wonder seeker. You and I are well acquainted. Some days you veer away from me….