Sacred Treasure

I have heardthere is goldbeyondthe dollar,a treasure where deep joy abidesdespite the desperate web of storiesspun to seize. I am toldto seek thisfleck of honeypast the irate voiceswho squawk from one channelof persuasion andwiden my scopeto the holy court where wholeness and grace residesfor all. I learnthis wealthisn’t found inunbendable beliefof the left or right,rather is coaxedfrom betweenmy tears asI sway gentlyto see all anglesof the firm structuresin place. There, at the slim pocket offorty-two degrees,in the region of the heart,a rainbow ribbonof organic delightis glimpsed.Her eyes catch minewith a gaze of love;she reassures“I am here with you.” I breathe…

A Shower of Prayer

Prayer peeks her eyes toward the sun,head tilts sidewaysinhales what is —No more, no less She is love draped with angst.A myriad of concernsweaves through her —a pleada wisha hope Prayer is presenceto what is here, now She is an infant held in the bosom of a new mother —an eye gazea reflective pausea rock to and fro Prayer is expressionof all that bears like lead She barrels in as —a swashbuckling piratea shoulder shaking widowa mud puddle splash She makes no apology for how she arrives.She is fully herself —Take her or leave her. She is wide strokes of…

Wholly Made

Beautiful soul – Before you look into his eyes and tell him you love him,(please)look into a mirror and gaze at your soul-filled windows and love yourself. Before you go chasing down his good looks and his long stride,(please)chase after the creative urges you have within and give them life. Before you write him a love letter expressing all his fantastic traits,(please)sit down with a fancy pen, smooth paper and proclaim the fabulous nature of you. Before you tell him all the things that drive you crazy for him,(please)give yourself kudos for the unique pizazz you bring to your union….


Dwelling on much today as I celebrate my son who turns thirteen on this International Day of Women. What a gift to be his mom and I hope I can live into this poem to pass on the torch of justice, wholeness and Divine Love to him and his brother.