A Visual Prayer of Awakening

Zoom, rocketship, zoomMove to a rhythm of graceReceive, give — freely Amen. This visual prayer was created using the Prayer Squares creative practice. Prayer Squares are designed as a bite-size creative practice to lead you to surprise, delight and vision in your prayer life. Join me this year to create one Prayer Square per week. Find the prompts and more about the practice HERE.

The Gift of the Invisible Instinct

I spy what lies before me — simple analog clock pesters me with kronos time – tick, tick, tick fading moon peeks airy consonance from behind a hazy, morning cloud hot teacup invites me to linger a bit longer before the groove of tasks press All a reminder of living, here, in this age of ancient future Yet, I’m most interested in the sensing of invisible ideas imaginative whimsy intuitive nudges This secluded insight takes form in the white space of silence, the unspoken sparkle of a fresh encounter, the dreams that leave an imprint upon waking. This cloaked vision…