Awakening! Happy Easter

Happy Easter, friends! Thank you for journeying with me through this Lenten season with the seven daily pauses. Enjoy today and all the blessings it holds! The kingdom of heaven 
is at hand! Mercy and grace, it’s true! Today is about Jesus, and it’s about more than Jesus. You see, friend, today is about the resurrection 
of Christ And,
 today is about your resurrection 
in Christ Mercy and grace, it’s true! The stone of your heart has been rolled away, Can you feel it? No more waiting for a better day to come along No more waiting until all your…

A Christmas Secret (Do Not Be Afraid.)

Beloved, There is a secret in your midst. The secret is wonderful. Powerful. Everlasting. Are you ready? Here it is… The Christmas story is actually your story. My story. Yes. It’s true. I know how easy it is to go through days nearly numb to our actions. We neatly stack our bricks, align our shoes, swallow our food whole. We follow the good, the right, the status quo— Because after all, this is how it’s done, this is what we’ve learned. Us, rule followers, brick stackers. You and I, we’ve never imagined it differently. But here’s the thing, the story…

Mistakes Make the Best Memories

Merrily we drove, six of us piled into our MV (ultra-cool term for minivan), ready to see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at a theater located about an hour from our home. Our family of four plus my in-laws were high with anticipation to get to the theater for the 3pm show. Our third year in a row attending this one-hour play, this has become a favorite family tradition of ours. Our plan was to arrive thirty minutes early and we were on pace to get there by 2:15, forty-five minutes prior to the start of the show. This was…