Beginning with Goodness

You know, I used to see my sin first — the flaw of humanity running in my veins. Goodness lived in the next town over, (me) always traveling, never arriving. I used to view myself as a twisted ray of light with a deep urge to straighten out. If I studied hard enough and gave my time away, would it prove my value? and yes, I knew Jesus at the time and the story of how he cleans my slate and makes me shiny as a whistle but somehow, what this did, was allow me to claim grace for myself,…

Invisible Magic

The first time I came home with a two feet by three feet canvas, I believed I wouldn’t be able to paint this large. Did I have it in me? What is “it” anyways? White-washed canvas taunted. Blank space stared back with beady eyes. Who was I to do this? Who was I to paint? All the old stories came sweeping in: Art is a luxury Isn’t there something better to spend time on? How is change made with the stroke of a brush? Then, I heard from the depth of my being Do not be afraid. Do it anyway….

Awakening! Happy Easter

Happy Easter, friends! Thank you for journeying with me through this Lenten season with the seven daily pauses. Enjoy today and all the blessings it holds! The kingdom of heaven 
is at hand! Mercy and grace, it’s true! Today is about Jesus, and it’s about more than Jesus. You see, friend, today is about the resurrection 
of Christ And,
 today is about your resurrection 
in Christ Mercy and grace, it’s true! The stone of your heart has been rolled away, Can you feel it? No more waiting for a better day to come along No more waiting until all your…