You and the Stars

The stars danced the salsathe night you were designed —Aware that they were part of you,you, a part of them. The stars glowed brightwhen your form came into being —When you mattered, purelybecause you became matter. The stars shone upon youas you walked your childhood steps —Glistened their watchful devotiondespite your fleeting glance. Those billion year old orbs of flourescent juice followed your figure as you figured it out — Gave you direction a blink at a timefor your weary traveling bones. This very ordinary day The stars beam pale rays over you,their constellation of story sings —Urges you to…

The Gift of Stars.

Stars, brilliant, glowing, twinkling orbs of low thump, gloss glitter. Each individual, together, a constellation dancing in community. Stars, shine in darkness, there 
for my watchful wonder, beauty glimmer against charcoal gray. There, to guide my steps, to show me the way. Have I paused to glance up and breathe without a sound? Have my words gotten in the way of a silent gaze at God? Have I noticed the constant glory watching over me nightly? Stars, among the heavens, floating in the East, there, since the beginning. A sign for wise pilgrims to follow, a symbol of abundant joy….