Announcing Colorful Me Sanctuary

During my time of working closely with women to enhance colorful verve and beautiful authenticity, questions have nudged me to engage their curiosity: What would it be like for those who desire to explore the sacred feminine to have a soulful haven to return to again and again for creative nourishment? Is there a way to make this nourishment sustainable so it doesn’t overwhelm, but fills your cup to enhance the rest of your living? Can a community be formed that offers support and witness to the depth of soulful, creative nourishment? •Colorful Me Sanctuary  is an online haven dedicated…

Creative Advent: Leaning Joy

As Mary leans into herself as one who creates,her joy grows. Daily, she writes on papyrus;honors the holy flareof her words. Her soul magnifies the One
who seeks the humble,
human way.

 She purrs a tune to her soul words;
sings in rejoice, a
clear love song
 Flight of a butterfly lives within;
her body in rhythm,
Spirit beats The cocoon woven splits open,her wings grown in syncwith the Christ seed She leans into her flaming heart,She leans into Divine mercy,She leans into satisfied hunger
. Mary declares for the whole to hear,“All generations will call me blessed.” She, the blessed motherwho stands for creation,who leans into…

Creative Advent: Peaceful Gaze

Before the magnificat,the singing of praisethe hallelujah of incarnation,Mary & Elizabeth sip teain the quiet afternoon,affable words wovenwith the warm presence of golden lanternbetween the trial of their lives.As their weight grows,they speak from their heartnot of the past, ratherof the miracle coming. After the embrace,the greeting –the leaping in the womb,Mary and Elizabeth,young maiden and elder cronerest into ease as sacred friends,a silent understanding heldas their gaze falls onto the glow of creation,the holy blaze between them.As they watch and wait,they wear their sitting shawl, a blanket of possibility for all. In the gray space ofbefore and after, the…

A Vigil of Love (complete.)

•Beloved, you hold me and whisper, “Be Loved.” I hear your words and hold them in my heart.• You set a spark within my soul. Your radiance shimmers the shadow spaces.• When I am thirsty, you rain abundance. When I am weak, you pour grace.• You weave a fresh tale of hope. A yarn that lifts the lost and lonely.An epic of peace and justice. I hear my story in your words.• You don’t give up on me. You trek alongside on sunny days and moonlit nights. Where others have walked away, you remain.• I find you under the quiet…

The Sacred Third

Somewhere between day and night,where fireflies shine — in the middle space ofright and wrongwhere dog wags his tail — peeking through the black and white,where zebra emerges — on the city streets betweengood and bad,where mosquitoes only smell blood — in the wrestle match of yes and nowhere cats have no care — at the family feud ofgirl and boy,where male seahorses give birth — in the fist grip of interior and exterior,where turtles move with ease — is a thin placeof the Sacred Thirdwaiting to receive — “Hello.Welcome You!Come sit with me for a while.Will you?There’s no rush.Let’s…