Invisible Magic

The first time I came home with a two feet by three feet canvas, I believed I wouldn’t be able to paint this large. Did I have it in me? What is “it” anyways? White-washed canvas taunted. Blank space stared back with beady eyes. Who was I to do this? Who was I to paint? All the old stories came sweeping in: Art is a luxury Isn’t there something better to spend time on? How is change made with the stroke of a brush? Then, I heard from the depth of my being Do not be afraid. Do it anyway….

Kindred Spirits Forever!

Dear friends, Thank you for following me and reading my posts. Each year, I take a break around this time to give myself a bit of a Sabbath. I’ll be back sometime in July with more creative poetry. Blessings to you this day. Ally One scrumptious morning, a dawn of rose-colored sun and wildflowers popping, Curiosity and Imagination sat togetheron a rainbow quilt sipping their teawhile a light rain drizzled. They chattered onabout all things sparkly,eating their way throughgreen veggies and rich chocolatenot concerned with the time of dayor the conditions of weather. They loved to ask each other questionsbecause…