A spark for the “Me? I’m Not Creative” Types

Do you feel the tingle? the stretch of pain and pleasure leading you toward expansion? the pressing of what leans you into the edge of your comfort zone? the passion of what rises inside and asks you to please honor her? the sizzle that warms your form to spark goodness into the world? I’ve heard you say, “Me? No, I can’t write draw paint sing dance” Yet, you are the one who wakens each day with a desire for more. Your body cries out to heed her message to bend toward space for imagination. Look outside. the sun rises again….

Silence (And the Divine Thread.)

At times, silence is harsh given because you’ve dismayed the one or the masses, haven’t bent to the agreed upon wishes — whatever they may be. At times, silence is weary given because words have fallen away leaving you lost in darkness fumbling bone dry amid the injustices of the world. Yet, I know a silence that isn’t a weapon, nor a secluded woe. This silence meets me in tender places, grief places. This silence cradles me in critical spaces, peaceful places. This silence washes over me like untethered wings allowing me to see what lies right here right now….

Breathable Space

  The soul, the soul — she must be wooed to come out of hiding, to come out from her secret space. She will suffocate under the weight of perfection, crass demands to keep up, do better, try harder. The soul, the soul — she must be wooed by spans of breath to enter into a space of discovery. She will bloom beautiful as she tries and fails, discovers anew, plays for the fun of it. The soul, the soul — are you ready to meet her? Consider the spaces you’ve been in, the ones buzzing with life, ones where…

White Space (and Exciting News)

For the next few weeks, I will be dwelling upon space, silence and Sabbath in our lives. Here is today’s offering:   In graphic design white space is a gift, a rest, a quiet unnoticed way of allowing something else to shine — to have the spotlight. Oh, how this space is needed in our creative lives, to give ourselves a breath, to allow the beautiful to break forth and have its’ moment. Exciting News: My friend, Monica, spurred me on this Spring to have prints available from an online advent devotion series (theme:pilgrimage) that I contributed to. It’s taken…

Reclaiming Creative Space

Hello creative companions, It’s been a while! I’m not sure what season you may be in these days. It may be summer outside your window, but winter in your heart. For me, I’ve been living summer but desiring fall. Summer is extroverted! She’s lively! She’s exciting! She’s a tad… exhausting. After a while, I dream of cool mornings and warm cups of tea. I long for the rustle of leaves and the quiet harvest reaped after an active, working summer. This on-the-go, unpredictable spirit of summertime has had my head spinning on more than one occasion. The truth is, each…