Visual Love Prayer for Self

Matters of the heartare not “an eye for an eye.”Gracious love is awkward —especially for oneself.Amen. This visual prayer was created using the Prayer Squares creative practice. Prayer Squares are designed as a bite-size creative practice to lead you to surprise, delight and vision in your prayer life. Join me this year to create one Prayer Square per week. Find out more about 52 Weeks of Prayer Squares here.

Something to Celebrate (More on Soul Care)

This is no ordinary day. Today, she hears it said,“Love your neighbor as yourself.”* (as yourself)(as yourself) This echo ripples through her core. She had never heard it this way.It was usually:Love God. Love others.The end. (as yourself)(as yourself) There it is again. A bell rings within. “If I’m to love my neighbors as myself, How DO I love myself?” she ponders. Her non-stop days of hustle bustle come to mind.Quick eating. Limited exercise. Doing for others. Crumbs leftover for herself. She catches a snippet of harsh self-criticism in her mind;a thought she’d never dare say to another. Hmph. (as…

Creative Advent: Self-Love

Robes of grace glow around her formbetween the doors of the altar,where she tends the heart of creationin the palm of her hands. In the innermost recesses,where the highest priests reside,Mary sews her sacred tale,dares to believe in her creative worth. She is the seamstress of heart, weaves the veil of enigmawith a red thread of love,dares to speak “Yes” to angelic request. Her unwed belly grows.Voices taunt, “You need to be saved.”She knows better than to believe she is broken;afterall, expansion is of God. Instead, she chooses to love herself andthe beating pulse of creativity within. She loves herself…

Wholly Made

Beautiful soul – Before you look into his eyes and tell him you love him,(please)look into a mirror and gaze at your soul-filled windows and love yourself. Before you go chasing down his good looks and his long stride,(please)chase after the creative urges you have within and give them life. Before you write him a love letter expressing all his fantastic traits,(please)sit down with a fancy pen, smooth paper and proclaim the fabulous nature of you. Before you tell him all the things that drive you crazy for him,(please)give yourself kudos for the unique pizazz you bring to your union….