6am: Awaken, Awaken (A Lenten Pause)

Come with me, dear friend into the hours of the day Awaken your heart Come with me to see morning sun peak from shadows A warm hello emerge Come with me to hear the song of robins and wrens Happy chatter from trees Come with me to smell fresh dew ripened on spring grass Welcome aroma Come with me to touch hearts of those met on the path Joyful connection Come with me to taste this tangy lemon candy day A surprising gift Come with me to praise Creator of breath, love, dawn Radiant rising A few years ago, my…

The Great Rising!

Dust to gold, 
ash to life, the risen Christ is here! Glory swells despite bewilderment, doubt and angst. The lull is over, an empty gap replaced by divine invitation to believe! Believe in the restorative God, healer of souls, full of grace for 
you and I. This is the One whose power 
reigns beyond death, whose way forsakes an “eye for an eye”, instead, choosing the path of compassion. “Forgive them,”
 proclaims this Christ in the face of persecution, resurrecting death to glory. And, now we — a people who know — can become part of this Great Rising! We…

Still I Rise

Today, I celebrate Maya Angelou. I am by no means an expert on Angelou. But, sometimes, you read something from a writer that so deeply resonates, the words remain inside you. For me, this is my story with Maya. I haven’t read I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. I haven’t read Letter to My Daughter. Rather, I was first introduced to Angelou through a poem she wrote entitled, Touched By an Angel. Her written words were exquisite and beautiful. Not long after, I read a few lines of her poem Still I Rise in the book, The Dance of…