A spark for the “Me? I’m Not Creative” Types

Do you feel the tingle? the stretch of pain and pleasure leading you toward expansion? the pressing of what leans you into the edge of your comfort zone? the passion of what rises inside and asks you to please honor her? the sizzle that warms your form to spark goodness into the world? I’ve heard you say, “Me? No, I can’t write draw paint sing dance” Yet, you are the one who wakens each day with a desire for more. Your body cries out to heed her message to bend toward space for imagination. Look outside. the sun rises again….

Your Left Brain Needs a Rest.

  You set your alarm clock 
like a good girl, boy, rise to the ding of the bell, the song of the celeb, shuffle your feet to 
shower, shave, dress — duty the call for your day. You feed your kids, your cat, yourself – breakfast – ready to tackle what arises. You email a teacher, call the doctor, make a grocery list. You pay a few bills, text a friend, eat some lunch. Attend some meetings. Discuss: the time of your next meeting, the vacation you’ll take soon, the milk 
to add to your grocery list. You come home…

We, the Creators (A Pledge For Your Creative Soul)

I, (fill in your name), a creator, made in the image of the Great Creator, hereby pledge not to live life as 
a humdrum loop-de-loop of numb footsteps. I promise to stay awake to shades of color, clashing textures, wafting smells, sweet and savory tastes, heartbeat sounds. I promise to take a regular play date to inspire my being with wisdom from those who’ve come before me who bring ideas to spark my spirit. I promise to be gentle with my emotions that arise throughout the day, letting them ebb and flow, loving myself along the way. I promise to…


Admission: I’ve forgotten how to play. I’m not sure when it happened, but the seriousness of life has overtaken me. The burden of adult living has weighed heavy lately. Maybe for you too. This is the week my kids begin summer. This is our first classic summer break since our year-round school option has dissolved. This year, Josh and Luke will experience a traditional American (forever-long) summer. Because, for me, “play” has been more a theatrical story you go to watch rather than a fun, frolicking time, I am sensing my own need to surrender to levity, fluid time and…