The Mother Journey

The virginal quality is hard to resist —the bright shine, the colorful glow,the gleam of adventure ready to burst from within Her innocence drips charmtoward those who want to form her anew. Yet, the purity she carries is not naivety,nor is it ignorance to the ways of the world. Trust me, her nature leads her to track like a wolf,to see with the eyes of a hawk,clever ideas spin in her dreams The path winds, the road travels hard,her blood pulses rich as new life beats within. The trek takes her deeper, darker —into the resources of herself. Sleeping, shadows…

Meet Luna

An intimate encounter with dear Luna, the first image that arose from the canvas through a process of intentional creativity. As I worked, she began blue, frosty, slowly warmed to the color of rainbow flesh. This is what she speaks to me: “I’ve been with you all along; you’ve been afraid to let me come forth. I’ve shown a crescent, a half, but now I am rising anew. I am turning toward the full light— the Great Light the one who goes before us— Creator You are letting me be birthed, be shown, in all my glory, all my colors….