Wholly Made

Beautiful soul – Before you look into his eyes and tell him you love him,(please)look into a mirror and gaze at your soul-filled windows and love yourself. Before you go chasing down his good looks and his long stride,(please)chase after the creative urges you have within and give them life. Before you write him a love letter expressing all his fantastic traits,(please)sit down with a fancy pen, smooth paper and proclaim the fabulous nature of you. Before you tell him all the things that drive you crazy for him,(please)give yourself kudos for the unique pizazz you bring to your union….

A Peaceful Revolution

Side by side, we sing a heartfelt “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” as insides stir with anxiety, our spoken words, curt. Living peace is a challenge. We desire the golden ticket placed gently in our hands:“Do this, then do this, then this, and you will live a life of peace.” We all know this isn’t the way it goes down. I went to a sweet, mid-week church service not long ago and a couple was joyful to announce their “good deed” completed for those in attendance. When it came time for giving the…