Let Us Live!

There is nothing new about this message found better penned in the likes of Walden, The Summer Day, Desiderata*, but (maybe) in this inhale you need it (maybe) at your next blink this note will float near and the words will fall over you like a salve to the tired in your bones (maybe) you’ve forgotten about the elixir of living that is yours to taste (here goes) Let us live for today — a slate of possibilities Let us listen to our favorite song — bass high, cruising down the road Let us dance in the kitchen — a…

To the Wonder Seekers

Hello, wonder seeker, light keeper, day dreamer! You are here. And, so am I. Funny how we keep meeting. In this place. In that place. Wherever you are, the quest carries on. Surprise! I’m here again! It’s as if I follow you. Or, are you trailing me? Either way, we connect again. I arrive in buttered crumbs on crumpled napkins. I glisten in the forgotten cracks of sidewalks. I honk playful in rubber squeaky toy fashion. Of course, you already know this. You ARE a wonder seeker. You and I are well acquainted. Some days you veer away from me….