Kaleidoscope Prayer

As I continue on as a spiritual being having a human experience*, my view of prayer, like a kaleidoscope, has slowly shifted, offering me an opportunity to wrestle as well as fresh beauty at different points in my life. Nowadays, I believe that prayer is all around us and all we have to do is tune into it. No words are necessary. Being present to the conversation, the plea, the pain, the beauty is, indeed, the prayer. What view of prayer do you have? For me, engaging in creativity and painting helps me to tend to this presence and flow. How has it shifted over time?

Kneeling (for Change)

– Dedicated to my friend Petra I have a canvas in my studio space, large, four feet by five feet, leans against the wall, too large for any easel, a monstrosity to handle Quite by accident, one day, I find myself on my knees painting, swept into unlikely prayer, marking — my colorful story — rhythms of the moon — thresholds to cross This is where She finds me Call her what you will — Mother Divine Sacred Feminine Mary, Eve, Wisdom (Proverbs 8) Spirit Woman Whoever she is, She persists in Her Love revealing all the nuances of Scripture…

Confessions to Imagination

Have you ever put your imagination on hold? Or, worse, ignored imagination completely? Here’s a poem of my Confessions to Imagination. Sending love and colorful waves your way!

Fierce Mama

No meek and mild lady,no pasty, polite socialite —This one, a woman after God’s own heart,brave virgin girl,clips the string of expectations,snips the cord of cultural norms, carves space in the depths of her being—Falls into a wide open, “YES”,stretches into wily woman. Shesteps toward the one who embraces,supports her in tender growth.Together, wombs leap, life sparks.Now, this one, fire in her belly,glorifies God amid trial,stands tall for justice.She moves to the rhythm of mercy,the song of the Spirit.This one, fierce mama,births brilliance in open air, ina span of dirt and crumbs.She and her beloved area mysterious, spectacle of love.Wise…

Let Beauty Nap in Your Lap

I hear you. You are tired. Worn out from this and that, a dire need for vibrancy Today, I urge you with this simple task: let beauty nap in your lap I know, I know you are quite busy with big plans, talkfests, running to and fro, but if you take a stand to sit, If you take a stand to be IF you take a stand to still and allow the wings of a pigeon dove to shield you with mercy, well then You may find yourself falling in love with the insignificant You may find yourself dreaming something…