Honoring the Past Year (and her colorful embrace)

Twelve months ago,a brisk January beginning,a gift in her hand.“Open it”, she swoons.Wrappings fell to the floor,a box lid yawns wide,reveals a rainbow blanket splayed in glory,a present of presence. “Let’s switch places,” she poses.My clenched grip of striving unfurls, Iplace my efforts on the golden altar.Allow her, the new year,to swaddle me close in a colorful embrace.She places me on her lap,spins her song of beauty, places silky medicine in my heart. Upside down,cocooned for a year —Anointed with color,the paint of cosmic swirls shifting cells, metaphors ofancient stories unlock theirmystery of knowing through the gatewayof an unadorned canvas….

Coming Home

Welcome to my newly designed website. Exciting things are happening. Not everything is complete, but I hope you’ll take a look around to see what’s new! Poet and painter, E.E. Cummings wrote, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” Crossroads in our life offer us an opportunity, a doorway. The opening asks us to lean in, to reflect upon our inner knowing and choose the direction God is calling us toward. More often than not, this direction asks us to leave something behind. We may need to put down our busyness, place aside our people…

5-minute Pocket

A while back, I listened to a podcast with writer, Liz Gilbert, who talked about the importance of the practice of creativity. She encouraged 15-minutes a day of writing even on days packed full. She convinced me that fifteen minutes could drastically alter a person. After that podcast, I committed with stronger Spirit to (at least) 15-minutes a day of creating. Some days for me, it’s writing. Other days, it’s painting or photography.  On days when I lose this rhythm, I notice. In the following poem, I encourage only 5-minutes! 5-minutes is not much, but you’ll be surprised at how…

Meet Luna

An intimate encounter with dear Luna, the first image that arose from the canvas through a process of intentional creativity. As I worked, she began blue, frosty, slowly warmed to the color of rainbow flesh. This is what she speaks to me: “I’ve been with you all along; you’ve been afraid to let me come forth. I’ve shown a crescent, a half, but now I am rising anew. I am turning toward the full light— the Great Light the one who goes before us— Creator You are letting me be birthed, be shown, in all my glory, all my colors….

What Is Intentional Creativity?

Hi everyone, Today, I share a brief personal update about my next daring step… An invitation came to my inbox in October— One that had me at hello. It tugged at heartstrings, stayed on my mind, spoke to my spirit. It came from an artist I deeply admire, Shiloh Sophia, a woman whose work I’ve followed for quite some time. The summons was for the Color of Woman School, an online training (with optional travel). As I read slowly, these words caught my eye— global revolutionary education empowering women community vision quest raise up teachers live and teach creativity essential…