What is Real? (ramblings)

What is real? I don’t think it’s any secret.I search for the true.For too long, this truth I sought came from outside my body.I was trained to believe the experts.Those who study harder, know better and have the answers.They are above me — or so I believe.Blindly, I ingest their words as “what is real”. As a young mom, I sit in a doctor’s office. With trepidation, I admit I may be in a state of mild depression. The wise doctor looks at me and says, “No you don’t. I know depression and you don’t have it.” He babbles on….

A Prescription for “Just So”

Who is “Just So” and WHY does she matter? Well, let me tell you — “Just So” is a little tight, a constrained sorta dame.She has a tendency to be wary of anything TOO colorful. “Just So” saunters in to say, “My oh my, sure is dirty in this house. Gotta get your cleaning done before you can create.” “Just So” splits work from fun:“Work and pleasure cannot be had together. And THAT’S the end of the discussion.” “Just So” takes charge of the destination rather than to enjoy the flow of the river:“I’ve got the map and first aid…

From Idea to Form: Activate Care & Creation

How does one move something from theory to reality? How does one take an idea and turn it into form? How does one not only “think” about change but live into change? How does one take intellectual knowledge heard in sermons, podcasts, books, etc — and move beyond mere conversations of these “great thoughts” into REAL, tangible action? While the world blusters about popular culture and success, how does one honor their INTERIOR knowing and ACT on personal gnosis? These two words have the opportunity to cause good change for our lives:CARE and CREATE Do you ever catch yourself or…

The Sacred Third

Somewhere between day and night,where fireflies shine — in the middle space ofright and wrongwhere dog wags his tail — peeking through the black and white,where zebra emerges — on the city streets betweengood and bad,where mosquitoes only smell blood — in the wrestle match of yes and nowhere cats have no care — at the family feud ofgirl and boy,where male seahorses give birth — in the fist grip of interior and exterior,where turtles move with ease — is a thin placeof the Sacred Thirdwaiting to receive — “Hello.Welcome You!Come sit with me for a while.Will you?There’s no rush.Let’s…

Tending Emotions (a video)

Hi all, Today, I’m sharing with you a 5-minute Intentional Creativity video to tend to discomfort. This practice can be done with paint or markers/colored pencils. Please take care of yourselves during this strenuous time in our world. I’m hosting regular Red Thread circles for women to connect and witness one another. Please sign up over here to be on the distribution list. Blessings to you. Ally