A spark for the “Me? I’m Not Creative” Types

Do you feel the tingle? the stretch of pain and pleasure leading you toward expansion? the pressing of what leans you into the edge of your comfort zone? the passion of what rises inside and asks you to please honor her? the sizzle that warms your form to spark goodness into the world? I’ve heard you say, “Me? No, I can’t write draw paint sing dance” Yet, you are the one who wakens each day with a desire for more. Your body cries out to heed her message to bend toward space for imagination. Look outside. the sun rises again….

Wild Woman

I am a wild woman baring my feet in the foam of the seas, living on the creative edge where ideas pop and imagination whirs; where the flow of the Spirit leads me into shadows, holds my hand while I make peace with the beast within, learn from the dragon, sit with evil, befriend the enemy. I am the untamable, angered by tragedy, desiring love, confused by my knowing and lack of follow through; bewildered by the unknown, hanging onto questions. I am encouraged by 
other wild spirits to keep voicing, creating, living. I move forth to leave a footprint…