Tending Emotions (a video)

Hi all, Today, I’m sharing with you a 5-minute Intentional Creativity video to tend to discomfort. This practice can be done with paint or markers/colored pencils. Please take care of yourselves during this strenuous time in our world. I’m hosting regular Red Thread circles for women to connect and witness one another. Please sign up over here to be on the distribution list. Blessings to you. Ally

Winter Poem

There,mother tree’swinter branches,her bare desolationin brisk air. She, a reminderof strengthin hard times, neitherafraid or ashamedof her raw nature. Her branches aren’t coiled around her trunk;they remain opento let death fly awaywith ease. As the last dry leaf shivers,she allows the wind to takelast year’s resolve. Soon enough,a bird comes to restin her unfurled arms,a feathered heartbeatgrasping at stark vulnerability. She reminds mewhat I need to hear this day:unadorned beautyis needed in the world.New life is around the corner. I am not alone. ONLINE BOOK CLUB ANNOUNCEMENT! Beautiful Women: From the very comfort of your own home, you are invited…

Beginning with Goodness

You know, I used to see my sin first — the flaw of humanity running in my veins. Goodness lived in the next town over, (me) always traveling, never arriving. I used to view myself as a twisted ray of light with a deep urge to straighten out. If I studied hard enough and gave my time away, would it prove my value? and yes, I knew Jesus at the time and the story of how he cleans my slate and makes me shiny as a whistle but somehow, what this did, was allow me to claim grace for myself,…

Do You Want to Get Well?

Pondering based on John 5:1-14 Jesus asks, “Do you want to get well?” Curious question, is it not? I mean, Is there anyone who doesn’t desire to be well? I wonder. At first assumption, it seems everyone wants to be well. Yet, when I dwell with this question a bit, I can’t help but ask, Do I want wellness to come to me without having to do anything? Do I want a list of perfect steps to take me there? Do I deny there is any healing I need to do while allowing pride to point at the healing others…

Confessions to Imagination

Have you ever put your imagination on hold? Or, worse, ignored imagination completely? Here’s a poem of my Confessions to Imagination. Sending love and colorful waves your way!