The Kiss.

The veil touches down in the thin place where 
past kisses present, a delicate sweep of air — sheer mystery. I walk into the fog, formerly familiar, now lit anew, the road reimagined. Where will it take me? Breaking sun, backlit branches, stream through my reckless heart. I consider day and night, their insistence on gathering each dawn. Death and life, not opposing forces, rather 
elbows latched in harmony 
with Spirit. They skip along, capture my curiosity in that profane and sacred are connected, both with a speck of God’s goodness for those willing to mine the mire. Today, ghosts…

Stay Alert: The Reptilian Brain Lurks

Stay alert this All Hallow’s Eve for what lurks in secret places. Critters and creatures march in the dark, coming for their sweets. But another contemptuous one lies in wait to warn us of what ifs. I tell you, keep watch for the reptilian brain — This one, dressed as an ancient warrior armed and ready to fight. This one, dressed as an Olympic sprinter, winged shoes on ready to flee. This one, who lies deep within us, anticipates its’ parade of dominion. This, the brain who hungers for more— letting lust lure, not sated by a spreadable feast, but…