Awakening! Happy Easter

Happy Easter, friends! Thank you for journeying with me through this Lenten season with the seven daily pauses. Enjoy today and all the blessings it holds! The kingdom of heaven 
is at hand! Mercy and grace, it’s true! Today is about Jesus, and it’s about more than Jesus. You see, friend, today is about the resurrection 
of Christ And,
 today is about your resurrection 
in Christ Mercy and grace, it’s true! The stone of your heart has been rolled away, Can you feel it? No more waiting for a better day to come along No more waiting until all your…

9pm Silence Swells (Holy Thursday)

I continue my focus on the monastic practice of seven daily pauses. Tonight, we pause for Holy Thursday. Last week, we rested at the Twilight Hour (6pm). This week, we break at 9pm, (Compline; the Great Silence). A wonderful book greatly aiding me through this series is Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiederkehr. One by one, footsteps fall away, voices once vibrant now faded breath. Conversation, communion, prayer, all sacred imprints of presence, most significant for the awake soul. Now, the table is quiet. You remember, how, at the meal, you placed the small white manna to your lips —…

Stillness, Jesus and Other Stuff

Hi friend, Whatcha been up to? Me? Oh, gosh. Bunches. I could tell you about our family visit to Colonial Williamsburg, or long conversations about life with my other half. There’s been texts, visits, Facetime and phone calls with friends & family that have been surprising, needed, soulful; the routine is always there: the laundry, morning walks with Kylo (read: crazy lab) and, of course, lots of soccer games. There’s BOOKS; oh, how I love words and new, crisp pages to peruse: Thomas Moore is stretching my mind; Dani Shapiro is – well – just honest, deep and amazing; there’s…

The Great Rising!

Dust to gold, 
ash to life, the risen Christ is here! Glory swells despite bewilderment, doubt and angst. The lull is over, an empty gap replaced by divine invitation to believe! Believe in the restorative God, healer of souls, full of grace for 
you and I. This is the One whose power 
reigns beyond death, whose way forsakes an “eye for an eye”, instead, choosing the path of compassion. “Forgive them,”
 proclaims this Christ in the face of persecution, resurrecting death to glory. And, now we — a people who know — can become part of this Great Rising! We…