We, the Creators (A Pledge For Your Creative Soul)

I, (fill in your name), a creator, made in the image of the Great Creator, hereby pledge not to live life as 
a humdrum loop-de-loop of numb footsteps. I promise to stay awake to shades of color, clashing textures, wafting smells, sweet and savory tastes, heartbeat sounds. I promise to take a regular play date to inspire my being with wisdom from those who’ve come before me who bring ideas to spark my spirit. I promise to be gentle with my emotions that arise throughout the day, letting them ebb and flow, loving myself along the way. I promise to…

Love Beyond Belief

Creator God, Your love has no beginning or end. As a circle embraces, so does your love. Sure as the ocean tide, it rushes. Steady as a stream, it flows. Certain as a shadow that follows my form, your love is present. Continuous as four seasons, it is constant. Your love greets me as a sliver of sunlight each morning and sparkles over me as stars when dusk falls. You made the fingerprint, you celebrate unique! Your variety of people, animals, rocks, plants and beyond overwhelm! Goodness spills over. Your love is color blind. Your love isn’t based on merit….