Announcing Colorful Me Sanctuary

During my time of working closely with women to enhance colorful verve and beautiful authenticity, questions have nudged me to engage their curiosity: What would it be like for those who desire to explore the sacred feminine to have a soulful haven to return to again and again for creative nourishment? Is there a way to make this nourishment sustainable so it doesn’t overwhelm, but fills your cup to enhance the rest of your living? Can a community be formed that offers support and witness to the depth of soulful, creative nourishment? •Colorful Me Sanctuary  is an online haven dedicated…

Visual Prayers of Sacred Space

A Prayer for the Ground I Stand UponRoot yourself in Love,Receive Divine grace freely,Share along the path. A Poem Prayer of Sacred HearthMy BE-ing is a sacred hearth.In the soft space of my center,I grow a sunflower as I reflect upon Ukraine.Invisible seeds of prayer are sent.I mourn.I hate war. and weapons. and misused power. since forever.I will never understand the decimation of others for gain.Christ, be with us.Amen. A Prayer Received from the Trees Outside my Window. Let the light come through,Your colors shimmer and bounce,Lean with the wind.

Visual Prayer of Tension

Tension, when tendedtransforms into ideas.Kindly BE with it.Amen. This visual prayer was created using the Prayer Squares creative practice. Prayer Squares are designed as a bite-size creative practice to lead you to surprise, delight and vision in your prayer life. Join me this year to create one Prayer Square per week. Find out more about the practice HERE.

Holy Gaze of Art

Today, I share with you an article I wrote for Columbia Theological Seminary, titled “The Holy Gaze of Art” The Holy Gaze of Art Have you ever let words fall away? I don’t mean a week long silent retreat or a time of quiet meditation in your day. Rather, have you ever placed books, articles, podcasts, news and teachings of others aside to deeply listen in to your personal wisdom for a stretch of time? As a lifelong lover of words and knowledge, I’m naturally a seeker of revelation. With anticipation, I can hardly wait for who the next revelation…

Return to Me: A Sacred Mother Painting Exploration

MaMagiMamaMatterMaterMother Today, I share with you a love offering. The above is a small portion of a painting I created, entitled, “Return to Me.” From March 2020 to March 2021, I took part in the Red Madonna “Psalms of Creation,” (a branch of the larger Musea community). You are invited to spend nine minutes to watch a video that shares about this painting and the exploration of the theme of Sacred Mother and her relationship to the young masculine. In the video, you’ll hear why this theme is important to me and will see some of the layers, process of…