Visual Prayers of Sacred Space

A Prayer for the Ground I Stand UponRoot yourself in Love,Receive Divine grace freely,Share along the path. A Poem Prayer of Sacred HearthMy BE-ing is a sacred hearth.In the soft space of my center,I grow a sunflower as I reflect upon Ukraine.Invisible seeds of prayer are sent.I mourn.I hate war. and weapons. and misused power. since forever.I will never understand the decimation of others for gain.Christ, be with us.Amen. A Prayer Received from the Trees Outside my Window. Let the light come through,Your colors shimmer and bounce,Lean with the wind.

Is it I? Is it You?

Search for genuine, seek the true — Is it I? Is it you? Keen like goldilocks, fish for clues — I’m a spy; join my crew? Hug the art-of-be, unleash “do” — Savor pie, “Ballyhoo!” False masks insulate, conceal their “Boo!” — Who am I? Come unglued Learn of La Loba, lost bones her brew — She tends my cry, sings to imbue Toes in earth sienna, Eyes on sky blue Here am I, Where are you? Heed bird medicine, Hear owl’s, “Who” — I can fly, Bid adieu Head toward the rainbow all her hues — embraces I, welcomes…