Am I an Artist?

She sat on the stone steps at twilight looked at the emerging moon. She spoke aloud the question she’d been carrying for some time, “What does it take to be an artist?” Does it take paintings in galleries with large, fancy openings? Is it a book announcing your name on a shimmery spine laid upon a bookshelf? Does it take the right amount of schooling with the perfect technique and style? Of course, what she was really asking is, “Am I an artist?” She realized that children never ask this question. They dare to believe themselves amazing artists and it…

Waking Up to the Risen Life.

As people who love Jesus, who desire 
to live into Christ consciousness as best as we humanly can, there comes a call after Easter to live into the risen life. Each year, I wonder, what does the risen life actually look like? Really. What does it look like fleshed out? LIVED. I mean, let’s be honest, if there is a risen life to be lived, I want to be living THAT life, not some dreary, woe is me life. I started to think about waking up to the risen life, a zesty existence that urges me to be fully me….

3pm: All Shall Be Well (Lenten Pause)

This season of Lent, I am focusing on the monastic practice of seven daily pauses. Each week, I offer you a poem and piece of gradually changing art for each pause. Last week, we rested at the Hour of Illumination(12pm). This week, we break at 3pm, the Hour of Wisdom. A wonderful book greatly aiding me through this series is Seven Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiederkehr. Here we are, midafternoon, By now, the day has 
witnessed us trip up, led astray, race quick Ashes have fallen upon us 
in word and deed, we swept in by the waves of life:…

6am: Awaken, Awaken (A Lenten Pause)

Come with me, dear friend into the hours of the day Awaken your heart Come with me to see morning sun peak from shadows A warm hello emerge Come with me to hear the song of robins and wrens Happy chatter from trees Come with me to smell fresh dew ripened on spring grass Welcome aroma Come with me to touch hearts of those met on the path Joyful connection Come with me to taste this tangy lemon candy day A surprising gift Come with me to praise Creator of breath, love, dawn Radiant rising A few years ago, my…