Beginning with Goodness

You know, I used to see my sin first — the flaw of humanity running in my veins. Goodness lived in the next town over, (me) always traveling, never arriving. I used to view myself as a twisted ray of light with a deep urge to straighten out. If I studied hard enough and gave my time away, would it prove my value? and yes, I knew Jesus at the time and the story of how he cleans my slate and makes me shiny as a whistle but somehow, what this did, was allow me to claim grace for myself,…

Honoring the Past Year (and her colorful embrace)

Twelve months ago,a brisk January beginning,a gift in her hand.“Open it”, she swoons.Wrappings fell to the floor,a box lid yawns wide,reveals a rainbow blanket splayed in glory,a present of presence. “Let’s switch places,” she poses.My clenched grip of striving unfurls, Iplace my efforts on the golden altar.Allow her, the new year,to swaddle me close in a colorful embrace.She places me on her lap,spins her song of beauty, places silky medicine in my heart. Upside down,cocooned for a year —Anointed with color,the paint of cosmic swirls shifting cells, metaphors ofancient stories unlock theirmystery of knowing through the gatewayof an unadorned canvas….

The Kiss.

The veil touches down in the thin place where 
past kisses present, a delicate sweep of air — sheer mystery. I walk into the fog, formerly familiar, now lit anew, the road reimagined. Where will it take me? Breaking sun, backlit branches, stream through my reckless heart. I consider day and night, their insistence on gathering each dawn. Death and life, not opposing forces, rather 
elbows latched in harmony 
with Spirit. They skip along, capture my curiosity in that profane and sacred are connected, both with a speck of God’s goodness for those willing to mine the mire. Today, ghosts…

Let Beauty Nap in Your Lap

I hear you. You are tired. Worn out from this and that, a dire need for vibrancy Today, I urge you with this simple task: let beauty nap in your lap I know, I know you are quite busy with big plans, talkfests, running to and fro, but if you take a stand to sit, If you take a stand to be IF you take a stand to still and allow the wings of a pigeon dove to shield you with mercy, well then You may find yourself falling in love with the insignificant You may find yourself dreaming something…

What does it take to belong?

Lots of pondering on belonging these days in my heart space. Here’s an imagined conversation between me and indwelling Spirit (italics). Please tell me, what does it take to belong? To belong? Say more. Well, must I jump through ten hula hoops blindfolded balancing on one toe? 
Some are gifted for the excitement of the circus, but I don’t require such practice. Do my prayers need to be pressed with perky punctuation through perfect, pursed lips? 
I’m not much concerned with perky, perfect or punctuation. Only with genuine expression of your heart space. If my eyes see rainbow coral reefs…