Am I an Artist?

She sat on the stone steps at twilight looked at the emerging moon. She spoke aloud the question she’d been carrying for some time, “What does it take to be an artist?” Does it take paintings in galleries with large, fancy openings? Is it a book announcing your name on a shimmery spine laid upon a bookshelf? Does it take the right amount of schooling with the perfect technique and style? Of course, what she was really asking is, “Am I an artist?” She realized that children never ask this question. They dare to believe themselves amazing artists and it…

‘Should’ is a Danger Word

Wily, this word that rolls — Should. Dangles and stretches, the purple wisteria of words, an alluring, empty promise, a choking vine. Should. Winds its’ way through daily bread, around your core, into consciousness. Should. Spoken from within, a haunted internal arising — ( I should) do better, be stronger, go farther, move faster. Should. Spoken from others, a shot toward your heart your lack becomes their headline, the ways you fall short their top story. Should. Tossed from your throat, a cheap shot toward someone else — about their one wild and precious life*, their spunk and soul decisions….