Creative Advent: Peaceful Gaze

Before the magnificat,the singing of praisethe hallelujah of incarnation,Mary & Elizabeth sip teain the quiet afternoon,affable words wovenwith the warm presence of golden lanternbetween the trial of their lives.As their weight grows,they speak from their heartnot of the past, ratherof the miracle coming. After the embrace,the greeting –the leaping in the womb,Mary and Elizabeth,young maiden and elder cronerest into ease as sacred friends,a silent understanding heldas their gaze falls onto the glow of creation,the holy blaze between them.As they watch and wait,they wear their sitting shawl, a blanket of possibility for all. In the gray space ofbefore and after, the…

Creative Advent: Hopeful Imagination

“But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary,for you have found favor with God.” – Luke 1:30 With relentless zest,
the angels speak —
“Do not be afraid.” 
In other words, the 
heavenly beings seduce,“Release your fear
 in order tocreate life force 
with the Divine.” Here lies the invitation. One who says, “Yes!,”— who chooses to create —
must firstgreet their angst,welcome a foreign seed,ask of the origin,
reckon the rowdy rootswhich knit the 
fabricof the story. Regardless of voices who clashcymbals of resistance —One who carries 
the Divineis called to weave worrythrough the heart, to
lull gremlins asleepwith the power of…

A Peaceful Revolution

Side by side, we sing a heartfelt “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” as insides stir with anxiety, our spoken words, curt. Living peace is a challenge. We desire the golden ticket placed gently in our hands:“Do this, then do this, then this, and you will live a life of peace.” We all know this isn’t the way it goes down. I went to a sweet, mid-week church service not long ago and a couple was joyful to announce their “good deed” completed for those in attendance. When it came time for giving the…

The Mother Journey

The virginal quality is hard to resist —the bright shine, the colorful glow,the gleam of adventure ready to burst from within Her innocence drips charmtoward those who want to form her anew. Yet, the purity she carries is not naivety,nor is it ignorance to the ways of the world. Trust me, her nature leads her to track like a wolf,to see with the eyes of a hawk,clever ideas spin in her dreams The path winds, the road travels hard,her blood pulses rich as new life beats within. The trek takes her deeper, darker —into the resources of herself. Sleeping, shadows…