Waking Up to the Risen Life.

As people who love Jesus, who desire 
to live into Christ consciousness as best as we humanly can, there comes a call after Easter to live into the risen life. Each year, I wonder, what does the risen life actually look like? Really. What does it look like fleshed out? LIVED. I mean, let’s be honest, if there is a risen life to be lived, I want to be living THAT life, not some dreary, woe is me life. I started to think about waking up to the risen life, a zesty existence that urges me to be fully me….

Brilliant Gratitude.

Gratitude sparkles brilliant within an ordinary moment, a mere glance away. It’s an inhale of notice beyond myself, an exhale of thanks to the mystery of God. It’s an inhale of wide-eyed awakening, An exhale of silent appreciation. When I consider my restless mind, my envy, sorrow, anger and plain, busy life, giving thanks is the antidote. It takes the focus away from me, myself and I, slows me down to prayerful awareness. When I notice, I see what I already have. I hear the voice of the Prodigal God, hum low, with lavish love, “You are always with me,…