She Soul: Story Cards


(Four) Red Thread Create Gatherings (Three Remain)
Come to One, Some or All

Second Gathering is Tuesday, March 16th
from 7pm – 8:30pm EST on Zoom

Bring your markers,
bring your paints,
bring yourself

as you are.

Bring your balm,
bring your oils,
bring the medicine
only you carry.

Sisters, sisters
Let us come together to—
bring empowerment to ourselves,
shift the way the waters flow,
spin our stories of connection,
meet with Sacred Mother

Here, we re-member
ancient truths:
I am Loved.
I am Sacred.
I am Worthy.

Here, re-weave stories
of feminine goodness
into the fabric of our lives
to create a tapestry

of possibility.

(We are re-membering.)
We search on the walls of our memory.
(We are re-membering.)
We gaze at the words in the palms of our hands.
(We are re-membering.)
Buttery phrases slip unseen into our coat pockets.
These phrases turn to stories and seep into our sleepy bones.
What are these phrases and stories we carry and
how do they in-FORM us, our friendships,
Sacred mother and the greater woman collective?
It’s time to wipe the sleep from our eyes
and uncover life-giving insights we hold.

In Intentional Creativity®, we woo our internal stories and beliefs to the forefront to massage, hold, even gaze into their mystery. The first few times I wooed these stories out of me, I was surprised at what I’d been carrying! Some of these stories were holding me back from living into the juicy possibility of a greater vision for myself. And, some stories were life-giving mantras that I was afraid to claim.

Join me for a series designed to bring fresh awareness
to the life-giving insights you hold within. Three gatherings remain!

As I gather in circles with women who are learning to live authentically as themselves, what I’m finding is we share more likeness than difference. There’s much in our world pressing on us to divide and separate. In the middle of this divide, I’m finding women with a deep desire to live out a way of tenderness for ourselves and those we love — to seek and claim connection. A yearning exists to come together to share our pain and our celebration in a supportive container. We are ready to shed the tales that hold back to live love and see goodness. Women coming together in kinship to make claims of goodness is needed right now!

This gathering is for women who desire to connect in circle and bring a dose of healing to themselves. Together, we’ll spread love to the feminine stories we carry in regards to self, friendship, mother and the feminine collective. At each gathering, we’ll hone in on one theme and create four sacred story cards with life-giving insights.

In March, our focus is on Sacred Sisterhood: Claiming healing and wholeness in friendships.
What are the stories we tell ourselves about our friendships?
How have our relationships with other women formed who we live as AND who we are becoming?
Is there any beliefs that hold us back from celebration and connection with other women?
In March, we’ll work with elements of change to shift stale stories
and invigorate our friendships with other women.

In each gathering, we’ll focus on one theme for the evening and create four sacred story cards around that theme. You can come to one gathering or all four, the choice is up to you! If you attend all the gatherings, by our closing, you’ll have created sixteen story cards, a potent deck, that weave a new story for your life.


Tuesday, February 16th • 7pm – 8:30pm EST
Sacred Self: Claiming your whole self as worthy, sacred and loved

Tuesday, March 16th 7pm – 8:30pm EST
Sacred Sisterhood: Claiming healing and wholeness in friendships

Tuesday, April 13th • 7pm – 8:30pm EST
Sacred Mother: Tending stories of Mother
(You do not need to have children to attend)

Tuesday, May 11th • 7pm – 8:30pm EST
Sacred Collective: Connection to stories and sisters around the world.

Calling women who are ready to claim a healthy outlook OR need a feminine tune up OR who are looking to be in a vibrant, creative community of women

For each gathering you’ll need:

Sketchbook/journal and a pen

One piece of 22” x 30″ watercolor paper
(this will supply enough cards for all four gatherings)
OR One torn sheet from a Mixed Media Sketchbook
(one sheet for EACH gathering, four sheets total)

Sharpie Marker

Paint OR Markers

Glitter & Modge Podge

My Personal Story Card Experience

I created my first set of Soul Story cards when I took my training for Color of Woman. I was simply amazed by the hidden beliefs I carried that held me back from living into a fuller version of me. I found that working to create slight shifts in statements and matching them with symbol and color to be a powerful way to reweave my story with potency. This process allowed me to reduce blame (of myself and others) to take more accountability. This process aided me to release being the victim (of my circumstances) and claim authorship . By creating story cards, I felt a sacred power within that opened my heart to love myself and others more freely. Join me to discover this simple and creative way to thread your story with goodness.