Reverb: Let Your Soul Voice Ring

Sing. Hum. Chant. Speak.

Your voice, your story —
a gift for the world

Your voice, your story —
what wisdom it holds

Your voice, your story —
power to be unfurled

Stretch your edges.
Let the dry sensation of
your parched lips crack open
to drink in goodness
to witness one another
to find it’s unique tone

Your soul longs to sing her tune
with courageous heart.

Whisper low, raise high
send reverberations of light
into the wide, spacious world.

Do you feel the shifting sands in our world?
The mystery is upon us as the wind has swept in with fierceness
to move our feet to a new rhythm.
Beliefs, opinions and news swirl around us
vying for our attention.

For a long time, my soul voice was drowned out by the blaring sound of exterior voices. I allowed them to come at me with little boundaries in place. I didn’t know what I believed or why. The exterior voices seemed to “know” and so I took their word for it. The stronger the opinion, the more I buckled. I was easily swayed to agree with whoever I happened to be sitting with. When I didn’t “agree,” I became a stone wall of silence, not wanting to make waves. While alone, my soul voice would emerge in written form as love and peace questioning many of the beliefs I’d taken in. However, most of the time I kept my soul voice hidden for fear of condemnation.

Over the last few years, I’ve been working with voice as a powerful tool of change. I’ve taken steps to listen to the still, small voice within and honor her knowing. I’ve discovered the power of silence to bring clarity to my personal truth. I’ve taken steps to speak my voice, even if uncomfortable, knowing it may offend. I’ve been in deep inquiry:

What do I care about?

What am I called to speak about?

How does the power of silence guide my voice?

Is there a time to speak and a time to remain silent?

What happens if I stay silent while harmful perspectives are voiced?

What if my silence prevents change from happening?

How do I learn to speak my truth in love?

What does the reverberation of my voice send out?

As I listen to the many exterior voices,
which ones do I intentionally seek to listen and IN-form me?


Join me for this introspective three hour class where we’ll delve into the reverberation of our voice. The power of our voice. The love of our voice.

Can you and I speak our voice with a knowing that comes from deep within and bravely share our wisdom?

Can you and I become a people who invite others into our space to speak voice without judgement?

Can you and I bring people together to listen to varying perspectives and hold the space with love?

Let’s explore the power of voice together.

This is a ZOOM painting gathering for women. If you’re a woman who is looking to discern the power of her voice, come. If you’ve struggled to put into words what your heart holds, come. If you’re looking to unleash your dry, parched lips and baptize them with the blessing of water and love, come. If you’ve been told “not to ruffle feathers” yet have a yearning to speak your truth, come. If you simply have an inkling that you need to participate in this gathering, come.

Reverb: Let Your True Voice Ring

A Three Hour Zoom Painting Class

No painting experience necessary

You’ll receive:

A red thread circle of connection of sharing set up with a supportive,
confidential framework (no video recording will occur)

A short reflection on Vashti & Esther (Old Testament) by Ally

A guided IC painting process to create your Reverb Muse

A demo of a simple face

Guided visioning

Writing inquiries to deepen your reflection

A follow-up email with ways to take your process further

Continued availability to reach out to Ally for any support


COST: $57


Materials Needed:

Canvas – I recommend 16”x20” for this 3-hour class

Black Sharpie

A few Roundbrushes in various sizes
(small – size 2, medium – size 6 and large – size 10)
Filbert Brush – I love Mimik Hog
2″ cheap bristle brush
Scrubby brush

Acrylic paint:
I recommend Golden Fluids or Nova Color.
Liquitex if you are looking for something a bit more affordable.
Choose colors you LOVE.

The following are a few must haves:

Quinacridone Magenta
Cadmium Yellow
Pthalo Blue
Titanium White
Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and/or Transparent Red Iron Oxide

Glitter (Optional)

This gathering is led by Ally Markotich. Ally Markotich is passionate about kindling the creative flame that lives within each of us. She’s an artist, poet and Intentional Creativity® teacher who is trained in Spiritual Formation (Columbia Theological). Ally is the creator of Soul Kindling (LLC), a sanctuary designed to awaken participants to their inner well of wisdom. She invites participants to a table of spiritual practice where they explore their sacred story, re-member their creativity and ignite fresh vision for their lives. An advocate for Red Thread circles, Ally leads regular gatherings that uplift belonging and individual voice as imperative elements of the whole. Her art is currently on exhibit at Harrington Center (Columbia Theological, Decatur, GA) and has also been part of the Moore County Fine Arts Festival (NC/August 2019) as well as Litmus Gallery (Raleigh, NC/October 2018). Ally lives with her husband, Chris, two sons and yellow lab among the pine trees of North Carolina where a stop for ice cream is always possible.

A pondering by Ally:

There is a difference between one who speaks from the deepest knowing of their belly and one who speaks from a script. I’ve done it both ways. Sometimes, I need the script to support my knowing. Sometimes, I lean in and trust the Spirit within to guide my lips. The truth is, I’ve long desired to speak from my truest essence with a script nowhere to be found. Now that I think about it, I’ve never loved premeditated prayers. When I listen to a prayer read from a piece of paper, I sense a disconnection between the mind and heart. I’ve long admired others who can draw others to them with their soul voice… not words written, but words they speak with a sense of power, of knowing. For me, this is Spirit in flesh, when the speaker moves fluid through a story, a prayer, a teaching with ease. It’s not about performance, but rather, about speaking the love truth that resides within. This is what I long to be. To live. To share. What about you?


Join me for a FREE, casual evening where we’ll meet in Red Thread Circle to share around our personal gleanings from The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd. In this book, Ana is a strong woman presence of voice and spirit who follows her inner wisdom as wife of Jesus. We’ll move through a simple, creative practice and claim our wisdom. You’ll have a chance to ask me any questions about the upcoming class, REVERB! More details are found by clicking the RSVP button!

Thursday, October 8th
7pm (Eastern)
Free Event