Prayer Squares – Leader’s Guide PDF Download


As a guide, you are invited to introduce 
Prayer Squares, a 4-step creative spiritual practice, in the groups you facilitate and the communities you serve. 
This is created as a simple process with participation for all ages. The focus is on expression, not “perfection.” Prayer Squares are designed as a bite-size creative practice 
to bring participants to surprise and delight in their 
prayer life in five to ten minutes (per square). The materials needed are a pencil, black permanent marker, and color of your choice (I use watercolor, but you can use markers, colored pencils, etc.)

In this 28-page Leader’s Guide E-book, I’ve included the nuts and bolts of what you need to invite a group or community into this practice. This guide includes a reflection on creative prayer, an opening reading/poem on prayer, a teaching on the power of themes, how to structure the timeframe/experience, a list of materials, the 4-step process, a link to a video of the process and a video of completion and three 
sets of 12-day themes for you to play with: 
Twelve Elements of Living Well; Twelve Day 
Blessing for Transitions, Twelve Prayers for Healing, Twelve Justice Prayers for the Collective and A Fourteen “Sit” to BE with Grief. Also included is an edgy prayer practice of freedom titled, “Break Out of the Box.” The Leader’s Guide also includes a Seven Day Holy Week practice, a few ideas for setting up a supportive community as well as additional ideas for taking this practice further. This guide is designed for the leader to engage with and spark ideas to craft your Prayer Square experience in the way it works for you.

I kindly ask that you don’t photocopy or print this guide for more than those who directly work as leaders in your group with you. Thank you for honoring the work I share with the world. Blessings, Ally