Create Your Mini-Pilgrimage Book PDF Download


Mini-Pilgrimage Book, A Creative Companion for Your Sacred Travel is a 29-page guide that gives twelve creative “pauses” for your trek plus an additional FIVE Holiday pause with the theme of Advent in mind. Each page is designed to take ten to fifteen minutes and includes a simple drawing and reflective question. All you need to create while on the road is a sketchbook, pencil, black permanent marker and color of your choice. Once you return home from your journey, these “pauses” turn into a mini-book.

Whether you’re traveling on a fun vacation or heading off on a challenging trip, I invite you to consider your travel as pilgrimage with your eyes open to Sacred Love. Give yourself the gift of soul-renewal while away and see how your travel comes alive with meaning. No art experience necessary.

Please engage with this guide for personal use only. Thank you for supporting Soul Kindling, LLC and my creative work in the world. Blessings, Ally