Presence: Free Monthly Prayer Square Circle

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When I get still with my heart space, what I hear is: “Prayer is needed.”
Prayer can keep us sane when all around us is unraveling.
Prayer can connect us with our deepest selves and the hearts of the living.
While the form prayer takes is VAST — spoken, danced, sung, cried,

I love to participate with prayer as creative expression.

Join me this Fall for a monthly gathering to woo prayers into visual form
with the PRAYER SQUARES practice

The theme for our gathering is PRESENCE.
Presence invites us to allow what desires to arise in the moment to come forth as our prayer.
Each month, I’ll read a short reading — this may be poetry or sacred text — to begin our time together.
Then, we’ll move into a creative prayer time where we move through the four step process of Prayer Squares.
Upon completion, we’ll share in Red Thread Circle where
common threads of prayer are spoken and witnessed.
After four months, we’ll weave together our personal story of presence from the prayers created.

If you aren’t familiar with my Prayer Squares process, here is a bit of information:
Prayer Squares are designed as a bite-size creative practice to lead you to surprise and delight in your prayer life.
Moving through four simple steps, you’ll experience how prayer comes to life in a fresh way
in only five to ten minutes per square. This practice can be worked with individually
to create a personal mosaic around a theme.
Or, it can be practiced as a family or community to create a communal vision of prayer.

While not required, I do recommend purchasing the Prayer Squares Participant E-Book HERE
(if you don’t already have it) before our time together.
Save $3 with code PRAYER3

This gathering is open to men and women, ages 16+

• • •

Materials Needed

Mixed Media Sketchbook
A black permanent marker
Color of your choice
(I use watercolors, however, you can use markers, colored pencils, etc.)
A 3”x3” template to trace (cardboard cut or a teabag works well)


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Check out the Virtual Community Mosaic composed of 300+ squares
created by over 40 participants in May 2020.