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My Cup Overflows: Discovering Light Amid the Cracks

You are invited to explore your story
with gentle guidance and loving intention
with painting as our sacred tool

November is often lifted as a time of gratitude in the U.S. because of our celebration of Thanksgiving. Have you ever had a hard time experiencing gratitude in the holiday season? Sometimes, it’s difficult to feel thankful because our eyes focus on what is missing, or what is “imperfect”. Is there a way to embrace the shadow and the light? In the Japanese tradition, wabi-sabi is a worldview of finding beauty amid the imperfection and depth within things of the earth. Japanese artisans employ this in the art form of kintsukuroi, which means “to repair with gold”. When a ceramic bowl or pot breaks, instead of throwing it away, artisans emphasize the crack by repairing it with gold resin.

In this 3-hour Red Thread Session, we’ll give ourselves time and space to slow down and work with the imperfections of our life to see where light shines through the cracks. With intention and care, we’ll mine our story to create a painting of a cracked chalice, mend the cracks with gold, and overflow our chalice with light. Our journal, paint and a Red Thread Circle will be companions to guide us on this 3-hour journey to see the gifts amid the shadows.

If you are wondering more about what an IC workshop is like, here is a bit more information for you. During this class, we begin in a Red Thread Circle which is a time to share in community. Guidelines are set for confidentiality, honoring ourselves and witnessing others. We also have quiet space to explore our inner stirrings with journal time. The painting portion is guided step by step, however, your creation is unique to you and will not look like mine when completed. You don’t need any painting experience to come, just a willing heart! More information about the IC workshop experience over here.

For this class, you’ll need:

A journal
A pen
an open heart
your unique self

Provided for you:

Paints & Brushes
An apron to wear
Watercolor paper
Snacks and light drinks
A time to listen and be heard as we share in circle
Inquiries to guide you through the process
Painting and drawing guidance
Freedom to make your own expression emerge

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My home studio space is located in Moore County, NC, USA

PRICE: $40/provides all materials, light snacks and loving preparation