Meet Ally

Hello colorful soul!  

I’m Ally.  

I’m a soulful woman on a quest to spark
feminine intuition, sacred imagination and creative possibility.

Two of the deepest beliefs I hold are:

You and I are sacred BE-ings.
CREATIVITY is our birthright.  

However, it’s been a long spiral road to come back to these truths.
You see, there was a time when I lost connection to the purity of creativity.

I got bungled up in competition with peers.

I became insecure in my ideas.

My focus was on the “perfect” end product without enjoyment of the process.

I no longer saw myself as creative.

Slowly, I moved further away from my true way of being in the world
to become what others wanted me to be.
My sacred spark dimmed and I lost connection to my authentic self.

Autopilot became my way to navigate life.
I said “Yes” to tasks that kept me busy, not fulfilled.
I listened to others’ advice for my life
because I believed they knew better than I did.

All this drained me to empty.

Eventually, my path led me to deeply navigate my relationship with Divine Love.

Before long, I heard a whisper within say, “Be still.”

So, I sat.
And listened.
Then, I started to write.
Poetry came forth.
I opened watercolors and began to flow color.

When I engaged creativity as sacred relationship
between Divine Love and myself, everything changed:

RELATIONSHIP replaced routine

PRACTICE replaced perfection

BEAUTY replaced busy

PROCESS replaced progress

INTUITION replaced institution

The Sacred Feminine wooed me into her embrace.

Today, I have a sustainable, creative practice that opens me
to inner feminine wisdom and soulful ideas.
This practice changes daily and flows organically.
The creative life isn’t static!

By regularly showing up for myself through intentional ritual and art making,
I’ve grown self-compassion and courage.
As I create, possibility and healing arises through image and word;
transformative action follows.

I’d love to gently guide you to tend YOUR sacred story
with the magic of color and words.

“Ally’s guidance has been a blessing in my life. She has guided me through an awakening of my true self. Her words, poems, writings, thoughts are priceless to those who choose to journey with you in your classes. She lights a spark within those who take your classes and take us on a journey of self discovery, spiritual awakening and authenticity!” – Charlene, soul friend and participant with Soul Kindling

YOU are sacred.

YOU are creative.

I care deeply that you take time for creative nourishment 
so you may access your intuition and live intimately connected 
to YOUR colorful ideas and authentic vision 
in relationship with Divine Love.

Let’s COLOR our WAY with love, together!