Introductory Offer

If you’ve never experienced Intentional Creativity before and are looking to dip your toes in a private one-on-one setting before you take the plunge into other classes, this offer is for you! Available for first time beloveds!


Creativity as a Spiritual Practice
Come, taste and see. Are you tired of the same old, same old in your faith walk? If you’ve ever been curious how creativity can aid you to honor your Inner Wisdom and guide you into deeper connection with your Spirit, join me for this 90-minute creative session that will awaken your senses and bring new insight to your sacred walk.

Shift Your Inner Critic
Your inner critic is the voice who loves to say things like, “You aren’t creative! Who do you think you are anyway? You can’t do it THAT way.” Her voice MEANS well and is trying to keep you safe, but she IS rather limiting. In this 90-minute session, come and experience a way to tend to your inner critic, and invite your inner voice of Love to emerge from deep within you.

Activate Your Vision and Voice
Do you have an idea that’s remained in the recesses of your mind? A perspective that you long to share but you can’t find your voice? With creativity as our tool, we’ll begin to envision you taking action and speaking your voice to share the Wisdom you hold. In this 90-minute session, we’ll work side-by-side to honor our sacred ideas with love, imagination and color and activate your ability to take action steps.

A one-on-one 90-minute experience that incorporates:
• A red thread circle
• A creative sketchbook practice
• A 3-step painting process on watercolor paper.
• All supplies provided
• An intimate space to connect and create
• Inquiries to guide you through the process

Valued at $300

Price: $150

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