Inside Out Workshop

Delight lives inside your very bones.

So does sacred desire.

Will you come with me to take a long, loving gaze within the terrain of your heart to bring awareness to both? to honor both? to tend to both?

When you and I tune into the delight and sacred desire of our hearts, an opportunity unfolds… to live into both as creative devotion, a practice that sustains us and brings us into connection with Divine love.

Over the years, we’ve been told stories about delight, desire and devotion that may hold us back from fully embracing the treasure they hold. Do we abstain from regular rhythms of delight and desire? Has devotion been turned into a pallid noun, only giving us one way to connect with the Divine: through reading?

What happens when we activate our inner eyes to navigate our hunger and arrive at the table with open eyes devoted to the unique feast God has laid out for us? When we do the work to clarify the delight and sacred desire of our hearts, we choose creative steps to live out our devotion and relate with the Divine. This leads to a thriving existence!

During Inside Out, a one day Intentional Creativity workshop, we’ll explore delight, desire, devotion and the Divine. I’ll guide you with journaling prompts, visioning and layers of paint to bring clarity and intention to your inner hunger. Each participant will experience a time to share in community as well as quiet space to paint, write and explore their inner stirrings. Guided visualization will be used to connect with your inner Muse. I will lead you through a step-by-step drawing of a face map. No painting experience required, just a willing heart!

For this class, you’ll need:

• A journal
• A pen
• an open heart for soulful exploration

During this class, we’ll explore:

• the nuances of delight
• earthly desire and sacred desire
• creative ways of devotion
• Divine connection through delight and desire

Provided for you:

• Paints & Brushes
• An apron to wear
• Tea, water & light lunch
• An intimate space with room for 6 participants
• A time to listen and be heard as we share in circle
• Inquiries to guide you through the process
• Painting and drawing guidance (face map demo)
• Freedom to make your own expression emerge
• A finished 18” x 24” canvas to take home

Inside Out