Individual Sessions

Thank you for your interest in Individual (1-on-1) Sessions with me. Currently, private sessions are in person for women at my home studio space (Moore County, NC). Please read the details below and see if what I offer resonates. If it does, fill out the information to begin a dialogue about gathering with me. I look forward to BEing with you! Blessings, Ally

With Individual Sessions, you’re invited to hone in on a theme or topic that needs tending in your life in a one-on-one setting. I’m your guide to lead you with inquiry, ritual, visioning, journaling and paint as our sacred tools. Working together, I’m there to listen, witness and encourage you to bring action, healing and fresh vision to your sacred story.

The topics/themes I offer for individuals include:

Sacred Story:
• Awakening to Life as a Sacred Story
• Moving Through Transitions & Grief (Life/Death/Life Cycle)
• Your Soul-full “Piece/Peace” in the great unfolding of life

Sacred Illumination:
• Awakening Your Inner Creator
• Claiming Belonging
• Beneath the Layers (Working with an area of your identity that holds you back: worth, confidence, body image, aging etc.)

Sacred Practice:
• Claiming Your Personal Medicine/Unique Gift to the World
• Rhythms, Sacred Practice and Rituals to Enhance Your Days
• Creativity as a Soul Prayer

Sacred Feminine:
• Awakening to the Sacred Feminine
• Following Inner Wisdom
• Rebel Yell (Having fun with the Wild Woman Archetype*)
• Making Peace with Mother Lover (Mother Archetype*)

Sacred Vision:
• Awakening to Yourself as a Visionary
• Passion Musings, Passion Forward (Work to bring your dreams to fruition)
• Vision Book (Create a Vision Book about a specific dream you have)

* An archetype is a universal symbol (character, setting or theme) where a general perception is built and becomes the way it is talked/seen in culture (father figure, mother figure, hero/ine, villain, scapegoat, wise mentor, etc)

For Individual Sessions, a minimum of (3) 90-minute sessions are needed. I recommend 2 weeks in-between meeting times to let ideas and questions simmer between sessions.

I provide:
• A loving, intentionally prepared space for our gathering
• Curriculum prepared for your specific needs
• All materials (paint, aprons, canvases, etc)
• Painting and drawing guidance
• Inquiries/practices given on the in-between weeks

I ask you to bring:
• a journal
• your reflections
• yourself!


(3) 90-minute sessions

Pay in Full: $285
Pay in 3 installments: $100/mo
Pay in 6 installments: $53/mo

Add 30 minutes to each session for $30/session
(Pay in Full Price: $375)

Single Add-On Class for any Package: $100

(6) 90-minute sessions

Pay in Full: $570
Pay in 3 installments: $195/mo
Pay in 6 installments: $100/mo

Add 30 minutes to each session for $30/session
(Pay in Full Price: $660)

Single Add-On Class for any Package: $100

If you choose to work with me, before we begin, I will ask you to sign a disclaimer with your understanding that Intentional Creativity® is not therapy. Intentional Creativity® invites one to do their own soul work and set their boundaries of how in-depth they want to take the experience while they are present to the process. Although I have done in-depth study in the areas of Spiritual Formation, personal work on inner reflection/inner healing and partaken in professional counseling, I, Ally Markotich, do not diagnose, prevent, or treat illness, disease or any other physical or mental conditions. I’m not a trained therapist. If treatment for physical or mental health issues is required, I am able to provide recommendations on how to access these services.