Guild Love Mosaic


Dear Guild Sister,

You ’re invited to honor Mama Cloud with a visual 3″ x 3″ prayer of love. Your prayer will be added to a Guild Love Mosaic and presented to Shiloh… there is still discernment as to whether the mosaic will be virtual or printed.

Below, I’m offering a guide to a process I call Prayer Squares – this is a simple, four step practice with pencil, permanent marker and color of your choice (I prefer watercolors for their fluid nature) in a sketchbook followed by a brief, written reflection. When I created Prayer Squares, my intention was to create an accessible process that any age could participate with AND a time-sensitive technique that could be used during Café time or shared in small groups to allow people to SEE what they hold in only five to ten minutes. I also love processes that are easy to share in community to experience the WHOLE vision.

I invite you to take part in this practice to share your love of Mama Cloud with Shiloh. Let’s bind together to create a quilted mosaic from our Guild with Shiloh. Once the mosaic is complete, I’ll share the visual for you to reengage and write a story or poem with the completed piece.

The Steps

Download the Process & Peruse

Create Your Prayer Square
& Write a Brief Reflection

Take a high resolution photo with your phone
(Try to keep your phone with no angle so the Prayer Square is square, not angled!)

Email me your Square & Brief Reflection to
Ally at
by April 30, 2021

I’m currently working on creating a square book on Blurb with the images & notes of love from the Guild.
Here is what I’ve received up to this point:

Your prayer in honor of Mama Cloud is YOUR personal expression.
If you are looking for some inspiration to begin your prayer, consider:
• an experience with Mama Cloud
• Wisdom shared from Mama Cloud
• the impact of Shiloh and Mama Cloud’s love
• a writing of Mama Cloud
• a prayer you have for Shiloh

Thank you, in advance, for your participation.
If you have any questions, reach out to me at

If you’re interested to view the Virtual Community Mosaic
of 300 squares created by 40+ people, click below!

Also available is the Prayer Square Leader’s Guide, a comprehensive 20-page E-guide
to bring intention and ideas into the groups you lead with the Prayer Square practice.
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