Make a Freedom Wishes Hanging


A freedom wish goes by other names — prayer of liberation, intention of hope, a heartfelt longing.

A freedom wish is a call for goodness and healing… for the animals, plants, waters, peoples, skies and so on.

A freedom wish calls people together, not apart.

A freedom wish is a heartfelt cry to God or the gods
or the Universe or to Source or to Divine Soul Mama or to Creator or to Cosmic Spirit
or to the still, small voice within to bring healing for the earth and her inhabitants.

A freedom wish honors bodies and hearts and souls and minds of the living —
to give witness to the innate Divine spark within all –
without placing some above and others below.

Make Your Freedom Wishes Hanging

What You Need:
Paint (Optional)
Mixed Media or Watercolor Paper
Sharpie Marker or Markers in Fun Colors
Hole Punch
Ribbons & Scissors
A stick from Mother Nature
Any other decorative items you’d like to add: feathers, beads, etc.

Step One

An optional step to begin is to give your paper a paint wash of fun colors. I already had some watercolor paper that was painted.

Cut out six to eight strips of paper to roughly 1” x 6.” Hole punch a small hole in one end.

Step Two

Place your hand on your heart and tune into the circumstances in life, personally and collectively, that need liberation. Simply notice what arises for you.

Take your sharpie and write a freedom wish* (for yourself and the world) on each strip of paper.

*A freedom wish can be a prayer, a phrase, a word, a cry, a yearning. Tune in and give permission for what wants to arise, to arise!

Step Three

This is when you will need to have a lovely stick from mother nature handy.

Once you have your freedom wishes created, tie a ribbon through each wish and hang from your stick. I chose to cut my ribbon long to have extra hanging.

Once you have all your wishes hung, add extra ribbon, feathers or beads to your hanging.

Step Four

Finally, place your Freedom Wishes hanging outside and let your wishes blow freely in the air sprinkling their goodness to all!