The Cultivator Workshop

The Cultivator
A 13-Step Intentional Creativity® Workshop
Two time commitments of exploration are available for this experience

Our life is a continuous cycle. We are moving, changing beings who experience goodness and heartache on a regular basis. We are on the mountaintop one moment and are thrust into the valley the next. It’s common for the light of the flame and the demise of the ash to overlap. Too often, we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to allow the flame to warm us when difficult circumstances unfold. At other times, we ignore the ash to remain zeroed in on the joyful flame.

Have you ever wondered:

• What do I do while I wait for change?
• Is there an action I can take on behalf of the ashes of my life?
• How do I tend the heartache and rejoice in the goodness?
• Can I give myself permission to retain joy amid difficult circumstances?
• Is there a way to honor both the inner flame and the ash of affliction?
• Can I choose to cultivate my needs and celebrate the choices I make?

This invitation is for men and women who desire to explore, honor and integrate stages of the Life-Death-Life Cycle. Together, with inquiry, paint and guided visualization, we’ll call forth our inner Cultivator, the one who tends to both the ash and the flame.

If you are curious to meet your inner Cultivator, here is a bit more information for you about the process. During this 13-step Intentional Creativity® class, we will honor the difficult and beautiful aspects of our story. Each participant will experience a time to share in community during our Red Thread Circle* as well as have quiet space to paint, write and explore their inner stirrings. Guided visualization will be used to to connect with a personal archetype (inner Cultivator) and symbols that represent your unique story.

Through our time together, I’ll share readings and question prompts to help you dive deeper into your soul space. No painting experience is necessary. You will not be copying my painting, but I’ll be your guide to take you through each step. This is not a painting class to teach you how to paint. It’s less about the end product, rather becomes a visual exploration of the story and information you carry.

This class is perfect for soul seekers who are willing to dive a bit deeper in their soulful journey. I’m simply your guide during the class while you are activated to do your own soul work.

For this class, you will need:

• A journal
• A pen
• an open heart for soulful exploration

During this class, we will explore:

• stories and traditions of the Life-Death-Life cycle
• the element of fire and the teachings it has for us
• the symbol of the Phoenix
• mark making as a means for expression

*A Red Thread Circle honors the ancient way of gathering in circle to share story, wisdom and experience from each voice. A red thread is passed as a symbol of connection and sacred responsibility to the whole.

There are two different experiences for this class:

Deep-Lingering Experience

Tuesday evenings, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
March 5, March 19, April 2, April 16
Location: Ally’s Home Workshop Space
This class will meet four times over an eight week period

Value: $300
Cost: $140

Provided for you:

• Paints & Brushes
• An apron to wear
• Tea, water & light snacks
• An intimate space with room for 4 participants
• A time to listen and be heard as we share in circle
• Inquiries to guide you through the process
• Painting and drawing guidance (face map demo)
• Demonstration of drawing a wing
• Freedom to make your own expression emerge
• A 24” x 36” canvas to paint and take home
• Writing and sketching prompts on the off weeks
• a mini-journal to keep track of what emerges
• a votive candle

Inner Immersion Experience

Saturday, March 30, 10am – 5pm
Location: Indigo Healing Arts Studio, Aberdeen, NC
Value: $175

Cost: $90

Provided for you:

• Paints & Brushes
• An apron to wear
• Water, Snacks & a light lunch
• An intimate space with room for 11 participants
• A time to listen and be heard as we share in circle
• Inquiries to guide you through the process
• Painting and drawing guidance (face map demo)
• Freedom to make your own expression emerge
• A 18” x 24” canvas to paint and take home
• a votive candle

Our lunch break will be from 12:15 – 1pm. You are invited to stay or leave and return. Water, snacks and a light lunch will be provided.

Please fill out the registration form below and then click Reserve My Seat to pay by credit card. If cancellation is necessary, a full refund will be given prior to 3 days of the workshop. If it’s 72 hours or less, no refunds are given but you are welcome to put your payment towards a future workshop. If you’d rather pay by check or if you need to pay in two smaller increments, please contact me at

The Cultivator: Transforming Ashes to New Life
Two Different Time Experiences Available

Deep Lingering Sign Up: $140

This class is dependent on your ability to make all four sessions as this is a layered process that I guide you through.

Space for 4 participants • 4 spots remain open

Inner Immersion Sign Up: $90

Space for 11 participants • 10 spots remain open

Disclaimer: Intentional Creativity invites one to do their own soul work and set their own boundaries of how in-depth they want to take the experience while they are present to the process. Although I have done in-depth study in the areas of Spiritual Formation, personal work on inner reflection/inner healing and partaken in professional counseling, I, Ally Markotich, do not diagnose, prevent, or treat illness, disease or any other physical or mental conditions. I’m not a trained therapist. If treatment for physical or mental health issues is required, I am able to provide recommendations on how to access these services.