Creature Cure Sign Up

Saturday, November 2nd
9am – 4pm
Indigo Healing & Arts Center, Aberdeen NC

The holidays are just around the corner. With the parties, merriment and joy also comes a stirring of stress as our list grows with extra tasks, activities and food to prepare. Is there a way to stay grounded amid the havoc? A way to live into a vision of peace, joy, hope and love for the holiday season? When we slow down to notice, we’ll find the animals around us are our teachers if we spend time with their rhythm, presence and gait. What medicine do they have for us during this year’s festive season?

In this full, daylong retreat, I join my friend, Heather McKeithen, of Indigo Yoga & Healing Arts Studio for a potent journey to meet your power animal. Through the day, we’ll weave between our mat, journal and canvas to explore the cure our personal power animal has for us to curb the holiday craze. Heather is a certified yoga instructor and shamanic practitioner who studied with Mara Bishop of WholeSpirit in Durham, NC. She will teach us about the beginning basics of shamanic journey and lead us in a drumming visual meditation to meet our power animal. I, Ally Markotich, am certified in Spiritual Formation (Columbia Theological, GA) and as an Intentional Creativity® Teacher with artist, Shiloh Sophia. I will guide participants to bring to light their personal power animal on canvas with paint through a series of gentle layers.

Together, we’ll begin in a Red Thread Circle. A Red Thread Circle gathers us together to explore our belonging, share our story, speak our voice, and connect our common thread.  Through the day, we’ll have a time of renewal to explore our inner stirrings through visual meditation, writing and paint. We’ll listen for the messages that live within us and complete the day sharing what we’ve gleaned. This process is not based on past painting experience or “ability”. All are invited to the mat to journey and the table to create!

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For this class, you’ll need:

  • A journal
  • A pen
  • Bring (or rent) a yoga mat
  • An open heart for soulful exploration
  • Please bring your own lunch; snacks & water will be provided

During this class, you’ll experience:

  • a Red Thread circle, a way to share in community
  • the basics of shamanic journey
  • breath work
  • time to write
  • an introduction to the Intentional Creativity® painting process
  • exploration of your inner terrain

Provided for you:

  • Paints & Brushes
  • An apron to wear
  • An intimate space with room for 10 participants
  • A time to listen and be heard as we share in circle
  • Inquiries to guide you through the process
  • Painting and drawing guidance
  • Freedom to make your own expression emerge
  • A 16” x 20” canvas to paint and take home

Save $25 OFF with Code CREATURE25

Disclaimer: Intentional Creativity invites one to do their own soul work and set their own boundaries of how in-depth they want to take the experience while they are present to the process. Although I have done in-depth study in the areas of Spiritual Formation, personal work on inner reflection/inner healing and partaken in professional counseling, I, Ally Markotich, do not diagnose, prevent, or treat illness, disease or any other physical or mental conditions. I’m not a trained therapist. If treatment for physical or mental health issues is required, I am able to provide recommendations on how to access these services.